Spain reports arrest of 2 in al-Qaida forgery ring

Yahoo News:

MADRID – Spain says police in Belgium arrested two Pakistanis allegedly connected to a cell that forged passports for al-Qaida-linked militants.

The Interior Ministry said Thursday the brothers were detained in Brussels on a European-wide warrant issued by Spain’s National Court. It did not say when the arrests were made.

So far eight alleged members of the cell have been arrested in Barcelona and three in Thailand, where the group was allegedly based. Spain named the new detainees as Mudaser Butt, 32, and Naveed Shahzad Butt, 30.

Spain says the group sent stolen passports to Thailand to be doctored and distributed to groups linked to al-Qaida, mainly Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan-based terror group blamed for the 2008 Mumbai, India, attacks that killed 166 people.

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3 Replies to “Spain reports arrest of 2 in al-Qaida forgery ring”

  1. I would think that with all of the actions like this the governments in Europe would wake up to the danger of the Moslems in their midst.

  2. Wherever Muslims settle, there too settles organized crime.

    Islam has a vast network of gangs that are funding terrorist groups. But we aren’t allowed to know exactly who they are for fear of more Muslim backlash.

    Its not “Islamophobia” when you really understand that they are actually out to get you, as one blog’s slogan states.

    And international police agencies know full well that with Islam comes crime.

  3. An interesting historical side note, the Mafia was formed on Sicily during the Moslem occupation, it was a resistance group fighting to liberate Sicily.

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