Caller to Lowell Green discusses Egypt and Islam

Ottawa’s Lowell Green show is by far the most daring mass media program in Canada today. Lowell is close to retirement so in a way, has the luxury of being willing to tell the truth without fear of having his career destroyed by the politically correct forces that created and staff the institutions which limit our ability to think, discuss important issues and report accurately on current events.

This was one caller to his AM radio program that I liked.

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4 Replies to “Caller to Lowell Green discusses Egypt and Islam”

  1. Was interesting that the host of the show allowed so much uninterrupted time to that caller. It was almost as if the caller was saying things that the host might feel needed saying but would somehow be impossible for him to say.

    Someday after all this dust has settled, maybe people in the Western world will remember what freedom and liberty means and be allowed to say things and cause small messes to avoid the giant ones that tyranny cause. If you watch the Anjem interview on CNN you can see him using the logical fallacy of, ‘since your system isn’t perfect you should have no problem using our primitive, barbaric, cruel and pointless one’ and stunningly many people go for it. Most of the far left for example seem unable to understand the difference between imperfect and utterly horrifying, and aiding and abetting the horror mongers to solve the tiny problems of imperfection.

  2. I agree with everything said, and the reason both groups want to destroy the past is that the facts of history make liars out of them, thus the facts can’t be brought out and must be either destroyed or hidden.

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