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6 Replies to “Anjem Chaudery: Egypt, sharia and Islam”

  1. Elliott Spitzer, like way too many ignorant fools in today’s world, is still stuck in the baseless neocon narrative about how everyone on this planet has the same dreams, hopes and aspirations. which happen to be exactly as most people’s dreams, hopes and aspirations are in the West.

    I used to think like that too back in 2003, when I thought that ridding themselves of Saddam Hussein was all that Iraqis needed to build a prosperous, well-educated and stable Mesopotamian Singapore, with the oil revenues that all Iraqis, sunnis, shias and Kurds would all get their fair share of. But, back then, I also used to think that mahoundianism was just like a version of Christianity created in the heat of Arabia and with a “different Bible.” I’d also known to mahoundian families as I was growing up and, though calling themselves mahoundians, the oldest daughter in one of those families, who also happened to be damn pretty, could make out as much as she’d like with infidel boys… So I guess, in my utter ignorance of islam, being just as ignorant then as Elliot Spitzer still is, I couldn’t have thought otherwise. Just as I couldn’t have seen that, though calling themselves mahoundians, those two families were anything but back then.

    As a side note, one of those families had a black maid who was treated as one of their own and reciprocated the feelings and deeds in being extremely protective of the kids… Another sign that they couldn’t be true mahoundians.

  2. what an incredibly naive and thick presenter. he gets it spelt out straight from the horse’s mouth and refuses to believe!

    I am sure the Israelis at least are taking notice – it will be they, above anyone else who will end up doing the hard fighting to rid us of this scourge

  3. “As a side note, one of those families had a black maid who was treated as one of their own and reciprocated the feelings and deeds in being extremely protective of the kids…”

    are you sure she wasn’t the ‘other’ wife?

  4. Proud_Kafir7908 that attitude is a liberal one that the neo-cons haven’t lost, unfortunately they have way too big a say in government policy, think of them as patriotic American loving moderate liberals. The left invented the neo-con label to try and trash the people who are liberal but want to defend the US.

  5. The presenter is so thick the only thing to make him believe otherwise is a history lesson. What did the people of Gaza choose? Hamas. Thats right a very tasty pig’s ass. Muslims choose islam over all else. Give them a founding father like Jefferson 0r a peadophile prophet and what will they choose. The peodophile prophet. Muslims are slaves. They are the best slaves of the entire history of slavery. They will, given a choice, always choose Islam or submission. Slavery is in the blood of these people. First the slave master must be destroyed. Then the slaves can be free. I believe that the best example we have today is the central asian republics where islam though not destroyed has effectively been neutered. Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan is the best the world has to offer in terms of a freed set of slaves. Complete freedom may have to wait until the Kaaba is nuked.

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