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7 Replies to “Jihad Slavery in the Sudan: An Interview with Dr. Charles Jacobs”

  1. Two things, first the Moslems will continue to make slave raids into the new nation of South Sudan. Second the last I heard the liberals are still upset with the idea of freeing the Moslem slaves. It has been a while since I read about it but at one point the liberals were working to prevent the freeing of the slaves.

  2. A couple of months ago, I read that the southern Sudanese had managed to order some weapons from abroad(can’t remember where). When they were delivered by ship at the port in Kenya, Barack Obama sent message that they NOT be forwarded to Sudan. I don’t know what transpired later. Read no more about it. Couple this with his sending 40 million $ to Kenya to support vote on the referendum on the new constitution containing provisions establishing Sharia law in Kenya. What interest does an American President have in establishing Sharia Law in Kenya, or any other country?!

  3. Paula I think I remember reading that the weapons shipment was sent back to the manufacturer. As for what interest Obama has in seeing Sharia in any country there are a lot of theories, the most popular is that he is a Moslem working to bring about the new Caliphate.

  4. People are missing the point with their comments. They talk about shipments of arms, yet miss the obvious fact that Islam permits people to own other people as slaves.

    Of all the ideologies that have developed over the past 2,000 years, only one has permitted slavery openly and without shame: Islam.

    Can’t people get that?

    Or do they have to be the ones in chains before they see it?

    Abraham Lincoln once said (I am paraphrasing here) that “Just as I will not be a slave, I will not be a slave owner. That is my definition of democracy.”

    That is also what constitutes a truly humane person. Yet there are millions of Muslims who think nothing of slavery or its cousin, indentured servitude.

    Think about this before you go on about arms shipments and missing the real picture.

    It could save your life one day.

  5. More infidelphobia from the muslims. Here is quote from the Baron:

    Islam is a closed logical structure that automatically purges itself of any deviant elements. Much of its energy goes into maintaining a social immune system that surrounds and destroys anything it considers a pathogen — that is, any individual who evidences a failed replication of the ideological DNA of Islam.

    That’s why there are so few moderate Muslims: the culture they were born into does not allow “moderate Islam” to exist. Anyone with such inclinations is either killed, driven out, or remains silent.

    It’s a very ingenious system. I feel compelled to admire its effectiveness, in the same way I might admire the ruthless lethality of a particularly deadly spider.

    Now how does slavery fit into such a system. Why the slave is the most effective citizen of the system. The whole of islam is slavery and the slave owner is a slave to the Arab God Allah and his peadophile prophet. Islam means submission. Islam is slavery. The whole base is and structure is slavery. No wonder the social structure hunts out anything that will upset the slavery of Islam. The slaves of islam want to enslave others and want to continue to be slaves. Never in the history of the world has such a perfect slave system existed.

  6. I believe in my first post I said the Moslem are going to continue to make slave raids, the question about weapons was ask to see if we, the US was working to stop the victims of the slave raids from being armed to defend themselves. The posts weren’t off topic, just about the victims being disarmed so the Moslems would have a free hand.

  7. peadophileprophet very well said, and this slavery is one of the reasons that Islamic nations never manage to advance from the 6th century. Yes it is the perfect slave system, and it will continue to work until something breaks the system, I don’t know what it will be but something must or we will have nothing but war with Islam for the rest of time.

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