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6 Replies to “Australian Muslims demand a Muslim government in Egypt”

  1. At least they are being honest about what they think, they are helping the cause of freedom even if they think they aren’t.

  2. The big question is: How many of them will be willing to emigrate to Egypt if Egypt gets full-blown Islam as the demonstrators wish? I’ll bet not any of them, which would indicate that even they do not have “faith” in Islam as a solution. Heck, there are 56 Islamic countries to choose from and these protesters don’t want to live in any of them.

  3. Robert there are Moslems who want to live a secular life and have immigrated for that reason, but those at the demonstration had a different primary motive immigrating, they came to our countries to change us into Moslem countries. That is what Mohammad ordered them to do and they are following orders like good little kids.

  4. It was also ordered to stop the oil transfer from Arab countries and that shall be done . So Let us Stop the oil transfer from middle east and then see which parts of the world is the power and who will be the protesters .I bet u cristians will beg for oil just like kids. Although as an estimate if oil transfer is only stopped till a month the every country in the middle east will be the richest countries in the world.Imagine just for a month !!!

  5. No they are the people seeking to go back to Egypt , which can fortunately become a secular country . As they no longer want to live in your country

  6. The Islamic oil country’s need us more then we need them, they have been holding us up for more money for their oil, this in turn has driven up the cost of production of food and they are now having food crisis. We have other sources of oil and if the greens will shut up have a lot more we can develop and use, they don’t have alternate sources of food. Your attitude is the one the left has worked so hard to create, contempt for the west, our values and constant derision of our courage and ability. When the ordinary people in the west start ignoring the left and fighting back against the left and the Moslems you will discover how wrong this attitude is, and yes that time is coming, much faster them most people realize.

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