Australia jails man for antisemetic video.

Australians really blew it on this one. They took a classic knuckle dragger and probably made him into an international celebrity. I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t part of the next cabinet of the Ikhwan-run Egypt.

The Jewish community that supported this sentence couldn’t recognize a clue if they had it rammed down their throats. Check the second last sentence in this article below:

Updated Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:44pm AEDT

YouTube still of Brendon O'Connell in his video that led to court case for inciting racial hatred

Racial hatred… Brendon O’Connell’s YouTube video.

A 39-year-old Perth man has been sentenced to three years’ jail for posting an anti-semitic video on the internet.

Brendon Lee O’Connell is the first person in Western Australia to be convicted under the state’s racial vilification laws.

A jury found him guilty last week of six offences.

O’Connell posted a video on YouTube showing him insulting a young Jewish man in 2009.

The video also showed O’Connell standing in front of the Perth Bell Tower telling Jews their days were numbered.

Members of Western Australia’s Jewish community were in court for the sentence and welcomed the jail term.

Steve Lieblich, who represents the Jewish community and is on the Australia-Israel and Jewish Affairs Council, says racial vilification must be stopped.

“This time it was the Jewish people that were the target, next time it could be Muslims, Asians or any other group,” he said.

“So we should be pleased that we’ve had this result and this signal has been sent to Mr O’Connell and his supporters.”

I wonder how the Jewish community in Australia deals with the intrinsic genocidal antisemitism that is becoming forcefully at the forefront of Islamic dogma today.


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  1. Yup they made a hero out of the what ever you want to call him, by making it a crime to insult people everyone who believes in free speech is honor bound to support him. Can anyone talk some sense to the politicians?

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