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6 Replies to “STRATFOR: No copts, but plenty of leading imams at demo’s in Egypt”

  1. So all that talk of democratic reformers bringing about freedom etc has turned out as predicted by us, to be BS of the first water. Oh yes democracy but democracy to bring sharia as wished for by 70 to 80% of Egyptians. If one takes out 10% of Copts, this figure increases 80-90% for Sharia.

    This is a consequence of Obama making America to be a weak nation, unwilling to defend its own interests. Its Carter and Iran all over again

  2. DP111 Eeyore you are right about the causes, and about the model being followed, the only good thing is that Carter was followed by Reagan who then went on to win the Cold War. I don’t think the next President can win the war in 8 years but we may get lucky.

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