URGENT: Egypt – Israel report STRATFOR

The following is a report from a STRATFOR source in Hamas. Hamas, which formed in Gaza as an outgrowth of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MB), has an interest in exaggerating its role and coordination with the MB in this crisis. The following information has not been confirmed. Nonetheless, there is a great deal of concern building in Israel and the United States in particular over the role of the MB in the demonstrations and whether a political opening will be made for the Islamist organization in Egypt.

The Egypt Unrest
The Egyptian police are no longer patrolling the Rafah border crossing into Gaza. Hamas armed men are entering into Egypt and are closely collaborating with the MB. The MB has fully engaged itself in the demonstrations, and they are unsatisfied with the dismissal of the Cabinet. They are insisting on a new Cabinet that does not include members of the ruling National Democratic Party.

Security forces in plainclothes are engaged in destroying public property in order to give the impression that many protesters represent a public menace. The MB is meanwhile forming people’s committees to protect public property and also to coordinate demonstrators’ activities, including supplying them with food, beverages and first aid.

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  1. Since the Ikhwan, of which Ham-ass is an offshoot, is opposed to Mubarak, this is the only reason why he maintained some measures of tight control over what flowed into arab-occupied Gaza from Egypt. I was actually thinking about this whole thing yesterday, but I just didn’t think that the controls over the border crossing would be done away with so damn fast. And if it were just Ham-ass members pouring into Egypt and clashing with their fellow black-cube worshippers, that would be mahoundians going about their business as usual. The trouble is the free movement of people and goods in the opposite direction, into arab-occupied Gaza, which will certainly make it easier for Ham-ass to acquire weapons to use against Israel.

    Come to think of it, Turkish PM Recep the Arab Erdoclown won’t have to get its (not his) IHH-linked terrorists onboard the Mavi Marmara again to help arm Ham-ass to the teeth. That scumbag and its goons might be able to start doing that straight out of Egypt in a matter of weeks.

  2. Welcome to my nightmare, the Moslem Brotherhood is moving to consolidate power in the Middle East, later this year when they have taken over most of the nations in the Middle East they are going to attack Israel. And we can expect to have a lot more terror attacks in the west.

  3. If the MB gets into power, then sharia will be the order of the day.

    So far, persecution of the Copts was not enshrined in the legal code of Egypt. This wont be the case once sharia is the law.

  4. If the relatively free world would lose Egypt, then southern Europe and especially Israel would be a risk of invasion by regular troops.

    Right now Europe has been invaded by the irregular troops of Islam, the millions of immigrants who carry with them a hatred of things not of Islam and a selective ignorance of what the rest of the world is like. Should Egypt become more totalitarian than it already is, then these irregular troops would spring into action and create chaos throughout Europe.

    Without a moderate Egypt next to them, Europe and Israel will burn in Muslim fires.

    So what will the world do?

    Sit back and watch as another country falls to fanaticism?

    If there was any justice in the world, the Allies (or whats left of them) would send troops back to Egypt and re-conquer it for civilized people.

    When most of the Arab-dominated world was in the hands of the colonists, there was no real threat from Muslim terrorists.

    Now that Islam has the entire region back in its grip, the rest of the world is at risk.

    Where are the freedom fighters when we truly need them?

  5. RRWest don’t forget the wildcard in this equation, both France and Britain have nuclear weapons, and given French history I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t have a secret bio weapons program. Don’t count the Europeans out yet, the end of the war isn’t in sight.

    PS I have been having WiFi problems so if I don’t answer some comment I am off the air until the weather cooperates.

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