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4 Replies to “EDL Passes the Douglas Murray test. One law for all appears (rightfully) not to.”

  1. Quite right, Sheik. I wonder what Douglas Murray was doing sharing a stage with that idiot, she’s part of the problem.

  2. I dutifully watched until Rahila started to equate Islam with fundamentalist sects within Hinduism, Christianity and (even) Buddhism. Then I lost it.

    What ideology, out of the hundreds that exist on the planet has wantonly destroyed whatever it can get its hands on in order to conquer the world?

    What ideology’s followers celebrate the killing of thousands of innocent people in terrorist attacks each year?

    What ideology allows girls to be subjected to mutilation when they are mere infants?

    What ideology has bigotry, misogyny and slavery embedded within its scriptures?

    What ideology willingly kills others in a war that has no end? A war that its founder declared over 1,300 years ago? Its human sacrifice on a grand scale, not seen since the Dark Ages.

    I could go on and on about how commonly-held ethics and values are perverted within this same ideology, but you get the point.

    Anyone who can equate Islam with other ideologies doesn’t get it that Islam is a total control system with an overtly political agenda. Its disguised as a religion and its leaders are doing whatever they can to undermine world stability through a policy of mass immigration among other tactics, one of which is terrorism.

    This woman has no brains, and neither does most of the left.

    May the truth prevail.

  3. That woman is trying to make sure that this group doesn’t nothing to stop the Islamic conquest, the threat is from Islam, not the far right.

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