CBN: The Nazi-Islamic alliance

CBN Does it’s usual excellent job and doing what public schools should have been doing all along. Showing the unvarnished facts about history even if it does offend those with a vested interest in hiding the facts.

Thanks K, this lecture was spellbinding.

Here is the link K put in the comments. This lecture is excellent from start to the last question.

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  1. I would like anyone saying the reason there is so much anti-Israel feeling is because of what Israel has done since 1948 to explain clearly the motivation behind the events referred to by Edwin Black, which happened in 1941.

  2. How wonderful that Jews built Isreal. The Nazi and Muslim alliance failed ultimately. However, the dark forces of racism are on the rise again against the Jews. Sad but true. They will prevail once again. This time it is the lefty/ muslims alliance against the Jews.

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