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4 Replies to “Governor of Hawaii is one of them crazy, tin foil hat ‘birthers’ it seems.”

  1. This whole mess started when the Democrats sued to keep McCain off the ticket saying he wasn’t a natural born citizen, he went to court and proved he was. People then started looking into Obama and the birther movement was started, this statement should cause a bigger mess, and the scary thing is that if he is proven to not be a natural born citizen it will probably start a civil war.

  2. OxAO you could be right, I don’t know. If you pay attention the thing that makes you wonder is why he has sealed all of his records and spent almot 2 million to prevent people seeing his birth certificate. Those two are the facts that have me wondering what is going on.

  3. Even if he produces his long-form birth certificate, he still won’t be eligible to be President. For that he needs to be Natural Born, which means he needs to have been born to two U.S. citizen parents, which Barack was not. When McCain was vetted, although born in Panama, he was found to be not Native Born, but Natural Born because he was born to two U.S. citizen parents. George Romney, born in Mexico, ran for President in 1968 because he was vetted and found to be Natural Born, born to two U.S. citizen parents.
    Barack knows producing the bc won’t end the controversy would only indicate he’s Native Born, so it’s better to stonewall. No judge will take the case, no judge wants to find that the first black president is not eligible. What would happen then?

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