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24 Replies to “Mohamed commanded his men to kill every dog in Medina.”

  1. The story that Mo the Thug ordered his men to kill every dog in Medina is one more piece of evidence that the hadiths have a lot of veracity to them.

    It is quite well known among animal lovers that domestic animals, especially dogs, can spot bad people in an instant. Sociopaths and psychopaths rarely own animals for that reason.

    Mo the Thug was an exceptional example of a psychopath and pedophile, so naturally the dogs of Medina hated him on sight. Therefore, he ordered all of them killed so that he would not be attacked by one.

    Let’s hear it for our best (domestic) friend, the dog!

    And may Islam fail once and for all.

  2. Ask the same about infidels. Allah hates a lot of stuff he created. One of my favourite lines from Koran is,

    “Quran 3.54 And they deceived and Allah deceived, and Allah is the greatest of all deceivers.”

    So god creates the planet earth and all its inhabitants, then sets out to fool them for some reason. It stuns me that anyone is stupid enough to be a follower of this religion without something in it for them in the right here and now.

  3. I can understand why Allah hates infidels. After all, he created only Muslims (of course) so infidels are apostates from Islam and must die.
    And there’s nothing for Muslims in the afterlife either, unless they murder themselves while killing infidels. Brainwashing and indoctrination from earliest years and immersion in the culture may account for some of the acceptance of this induced insanity, but what accounts for conversion to Islam? Perhaps they’re deceived by the fictitious sweetness and light version of Islam, or maybe the converts are all self-hating masochists?
    I read a report of an American convert to Islam who went to live in Indonesia (I think) and everything was fine until the Imam told him to report to Afghanistan for training for Jihad. He quickly packed up his stuff and disappeared into northern Finland where he continues the practice of the Disneyland version of Islam.

  4. Peter not always, I had a great Uncle that would steal anything not nailed down, and if he had a pry bar nothing was nailed down, there wasn’t a dog alive that didn’t rush up to him whining to be petted. Granted there aren’t many like him but there are a few.

  5. This is great video and the gentleman nailed it on the head when he said a dog can sense an evil person. Dogs are great and have more sense than muslims.

  6. I guess it’s probably that simple. Mohammed got tired of having dogs growl at him so he declared them off-limits. Remember, Mo’s prime source of income was breaking into people’s homes and stealing their stuff, so he’s not going to be a big fan of guard dogs. That’s actually quite funny, isn’t it? I swear… Islam protects itself by being so utterly zany that no one can believe the truth about it because the truth sounds like a crude racist joke. Imagine! Their Jesus was so evil that dogs would growl when he came into the room. Muslims actually get down on their knees and worship the most evil man who ever lived. Wow.

  7. Chris you have a good thought there, I understand he was a caravan raider but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t break into houses. As for his being the most evil man that ever lived the only ones close to him in the number of people murdered in his name if Genghis Khan. The number of people killed in the by the various Marxist sects pale in comparison to the number killed by Moslems over the past 1400 years. Of course the longer life of Islam does give it a great advantage.

  8. I’m with Mohammed, I frigging hate dogs, they’ll lick their dirt hole, then lick a baby’s face. That’s just rank. Puke-a-tronic.

    Dogs are a scourge on the world, an abberation of evolution.

  9. Ayahh: Funny, I feel exactly that way about Muslims. Except you get love and loyalty from a dog. And a dog doesn’t need a book to tell it how to wipe its ass.

  10. It is a shame you brand all muslims in the same manner. I have lived and worked in Muslim countries for more than 40 years and by far the majority are kind gentle people. There are radical extremists but these are hated by Muslims also. Just as all Irish people in the sixties were not IRA members all Muslims are not radicals. I live in a Muslim country and I have two dogs which are treated with great affection by Muslim children and smiled at by their parents. You people who write this spite are no better than the radicals

  11. Thomas:

    It may be of interest to you that Iran just passed a law that no dogs may be in any public places (and the list would include pretty much places where you simply have to take a dog from time to time like a public park) and the fine is thousands of dollars and you have to destroy your dog. So Iran is rapidly enforcing Mohamed’s own edict on all dogs must be killed. You can accuse me all you like of being evil or racist or whatever you want. But reporting the facts of the Islamic world both historically and how that is reflected today is critical information in terms of setting our own policies should we wish to preserve our own values.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  12. And it may be of interest to you that most countries in Europe have a similar law. Or are you biased. This law is to do with cleanliness and hygiene as most dog owners allow their pets to foul the public rights of way but very few clean up the mess. Iran is on a curve to self destruction anyway until all the decent people in Iran rise up (as they are threatening) against the present leaders. With the present situation in Syria, Iranian dictators are on borrowed time anyway

  13. @Ayahh: Don’t let your dog lick your baby! And don’t let him lick you if it bothers you. I always loved my pets but I didn’t want to be licked and after being rebuffed a couple of times they understood that.

  14. Thomas no Western nation has a law similar to the one in Iran. Iran has banned dogs from all public places and the fine is in the thousands not just 60 bucks for not picking up and if you take your dog to any public place in addition to the fine it has to be destroyed. Tell me a Western nation that has a law similar to that.

    Islamic apologists really do have to stretch to make these obscene comparisons. How stupid do you think we are?

  15. Don’t bet the Iranians will revolt, the current regime is willing to use any amount of force to break up the opposition, when dictators are willing to do this they very rarely suffer revolts unless a foreign government funds and directs the revolt. Even then you have a 50-50 chance the revolt will fail, the reason the demonstrations/revolt in North Africa are succeeding (every where except Libya) and the one in Syria is failing is that the North African governments (except Libya) were unwilling to use the force necessary to crush the rebellion. The Iranian leaders are willing to kill everyone so they can remain in power.

  16. I have lived in Holland for a number of years in the eighties and even at that time it was a huge fine for allowing your dog to soil the public areas and not clean it up. I have lived in the UK and it is similar. I lived in France and it is similar. I lived in Norway and it is similar. The Iranians are just taking it further to ensure compliance. As I already explained the Power in Iran has limited time left. Their main ally(Syria) is suffering already and the Gulf states ( Muslims ), have issued warnings to Iran and asked the UN to support them. The Iranians are an isolated case. I presently live in Kuwait, there is no law that is similar, I have lived in Saudi and remember no such law, I lived in Abu Dhabi, same. I lived more that ten years in Oman, same. I have worked in Libya recently, same. I worked in Algeria, same. etc. Taking a case of Iran and using it in this manner shows your bigotry. As to how stupid I think you are what are your criterea? Assuming that “we are” indicates that there is more than one of you or do you presume to speak for the entire world?

  17. Richard, you must remember that the Iranians have already revolted once and deposed the Shah even though he controlled the military and the police. The entire Gulf has issued a warning to Iran to stop meddling and requested the UN to do the same. The present government was put in power by religious leaders even though it is widely believed that they had in fact lost the last election. There has already been some demonstrations in Iran and threats of more. If Syria becomes democratic then Iran will have one more border they must watch. Further the Gulf countries will find Iran a greater threat if the Iranians ever achieve Nuclear capability. Also Iran is mainly Shiite surrounded by Sunni and Sunni are 80% of the Muslims in this area

  18. First of all, no European nation has a similar law to the one Iran has adopted. Second, Iran wants to purge itself from anything it deems ‘unclean’ or ‘unnatural’, including hanging young gay men from light standards. Women are considered little better than the “jet black’ canines muhammed ordered killed, although they have been given somewhat of a reprieve- they are only ordered to cover themselves from head to toe in a jet black chador while out in public. A full Evin prison could also be noted as an example of taking it further to ensure compliance.

    The fantastical rules of halal are not confined to Iran. Some who immigrate to the west believing in these fantastical purification edicts concerning animals which have no sound basis in any of the sciences, also want sharia implemented to ‘cleanse’ western societies of their other un-islamic practices. Some muslims refuse to allow service dogs into their taxis in Canada despite the fact that it is illegal to do so. It’s no stretch to predict an eventual call to ban dogs in public parks to also satisfy sharia standards.

    Speaking of fouling the public rights of way, I’d be willing to bet many Parisians would rather step in dog shit to freely access their homes rather than step over firebrand muslims who insist they pray en masse blocking the sidewalks and streets of Paris. How hygienic is it to have hundreds of arses tilted into the wind?

    There is nothing much to do about how Iran feels about dogs, birds, cats or bats. There is however much to be said about the increasing demands for more sharia standards in Canada and Europe. I can say one thing for our four-legged friends; they are a much better friend to man than Islam could ever hope to be.

  19. I think I will abandon this idiocy. For people who have no expeience of these countries you are all remarkably well informed. Try visiting these countries before you condemn them. You are lead by newspapers which need sensationalism to sell. Did you ever wonder why no weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq. Did you bother to find out that good old USA was in dire straights with oil supplies due to the Venezualan oil strike. Do you actually question anything you read in the newspapers. Did you know that newsweek magazine investigated newspaper reports during the vietnam war and found that more than three times the total population of both north and south vietnam would have to have died to support the figures. I give up on you. You are not even woth arguing with. Goodbye morons

  20. it is just jews having problems with muhammed again. if u have a problem with muhamed keep ur comments and ur views till day of judgement and there we will see who win and who looses. not just dogs he ordered to kill pigs like urself and losers and accusers who brag and complain too much. all what u got to do at that point is sharp and get to work. by the way u are a nigger so sharp and get to work

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