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14 Replies to “CTV Clip of Russian airport bombng”

  1. How impotent the civilized world is in the face of Jihad. There’s Medvedev, earnestly promising to investigate thoroughly. Who cares? What’s to investigate? The bomber is dead already. It’s a young Arab-looking guy – so what? When they talk about “finding those responsible”, they have already lost. I especially hate it when they start making a big deal out of whether or not al-Qaida is involved. We all know who’s responsible – mindless, brainwashed zombies directed by unseen Imams- it’s “What are you going to do about it?” that is the question. As soon as they start talking in terms of “crime”, and “suspects”, the battle is over. This is not a bank robbery, it is a war. It’s the enemy, stupid! How about imploding the biggest Mosque in Moscow or whacking a radical Imam? I realize that would be illegal, but the Jihadists always control the battlefield and can always find a way to make sure it is unethical for their victims to respond – usually some variation on the “human shield”. These guys are really trying to win. Is that OK with everybody, or not?

  2. Russia’s policy of helping Iran is starting to turn around and bite them in the butt like I thought it would, I would say this is good news but with the exception of their special forces types their military is incredibly bad.

  3. Well said Chris. However, we don’t have to go as far a breaking the law. We can just start by applying the current laws and when we catch the people responsible for the indoctrination of these ‘suicide bombers’ (likely imam types), we get the justice system to apply the full force of the law.
    It goes without saying that immigration (including refugees) must be stopped completely until we regain control of this growing cancer (Islam).

  4. ramjetejmar fighting this as a war of shadows and killing people who are responsible for murder isn’t breaking the law, I realize that the modern educational system says it is but the letter of the law says it isn’t. If we continue to treat these attacks as crimes instead of military attacks we have lost the war and will become slaves to the Moslems.

  5. Assuming this is a n islamic attack I have a feeling Russians will take their pound flesh in Chechnya or a similar place as a response to this. Should be a well measured one and preferably disproportional.

  6. “As soon as they start talking in terms of “crime”, and “suspects”, the battle is over. This is not a bank robbery, it is a war. It’s the enemy, stupid! ”

    Very well said.

    It is an ideology we are fighting here not corruption or greed.

  7. “There is something to be said for, ‘taking the mosque out of mosqow’”

    They should treat Islam as a political ideology and remove the mosques as they would remove an embassy.

  8. JAP I repeat with the exception of their Special Forces their military is very poor, it is poorly trained and undisciplined, if it was even 1/10th as good as the US Army is it could have cleaned up Chechnya years ago. This isn’t just my opinion, every officer I have talked to says the same thing.

  9. There is a real good chance that several Russian Army check points took bribes to let the terrorist pass through, they routinely do this just as they take bribes to let terrorists back into Chechnya and will also sell them the weapons to use in attacking other Russian soldiers. If there is a retaliatory strike it will probably be against a semi-soft target.

  10. Richard, I agree. The US forces are way superior but to fight these people is very difficult as the US or Cdn. soldiers experience daily in Afghanistan. There are not that many hard core islamists left in Chechnya (not enough for any larger scale actions) but you don’t need that many people to terrorize population.

  11. I was dissapointed with the response of the PM. A measured statesman like response. Garbage. We need a much stronger response. We do not need any more responses like this, though to his credit he did spare us the Islam is a religion of peace lecture which Obama would have made sure his audience endured. No what we need is Genghis Khan. Now there was a man who could things done and smashed the muslims like noone has done since. When will we get so great a man as the mighty emperor of the Mongols in to help destroy this menace of Islam. As I recall Genghis Khan (though that was not his real name, his real name translates as Supreme Earth Man) asked the Pope for help in his campaign but the Pope insisted he convert to Christianity first. The deal was off and the campaign of the Great Mongol General hit the muslims hard and viciously but did not exterminate the Islam of the Peadophile Prophet.

  12. arabconqueredpersian don’t forget that the only reason that the Mongols didn’t conquer Europe was that Genghis died and the generals had to return home.

    JAP I agree with what you are saying, the last time I saw the figures the US military and law enforcement was being taught that it took only 5% of the population to support a long term terror campaign.

    The corruption in the Russian Military (it is worse then under the Czars and almost as bad as under communism) is unbelievable, we have returned to the era when officers were stealing their troops rations and selling them to civilians. This corruption is partially caused by the Russian leaders fearing competent military leaders, this was why Stalin had to appeal to nationalism to rouse the people to resist the Nazi’s. This is the same reason the Arabic nations and Arabicized nations have crappy military’s they have corrupt officers who betray the enlisted personal and spend the training money on luxuries.

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