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12 Replies to “Tony Blair warns against Islamic ‘extremists’”

  1. It sounds as though Tony Blair has finally seen the light. I hope the Brits, and all in the West, listen to him. He’s right — this is far deeper than just resentment about the West, or Bush, or … whatever. I wonder what his wake-up call was?

  2. I can’t belive what I am hearing. I suppose it’s never too late to call things as they really are. Too bad it took so long. He’s not running for the office so he can afford to shed the PC BS and speak what he really feels. Good for him.

  3. Note something that is VERY important here.

    British left wing (Blair) calling it as it is.
    British right wing embracing Islam.

    As i said for a long time when the left finely does wake up to the realities we all face we best watch out. look at Mao, Hitler, Stalin as examples of what the left can do.

    I am not saying Blair is anything like those people but people on his side of the isles can be. As with Hitler (somehow became right wing) they will blame what does take place on us.

  4. Is he running to become mouth piece for the EDL or the BNP? He sounds like Churchill did when he was warning against the Nazi’s. Who would have thought he would become a Statesman in his old age?

  5. A few years ago I heard Tony Blaire say he kept a copy of the Quran on his desk and read a verse every day. That made me feel a lot better about old Tony. I have oft suspected that if there was any one person on this whole planet who could explain what’s going on if he chose to, it would be Tony Blaire.

  6. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if socialism was like a delta wing aircraft, in that it had no inate flying ability but was ultimately workable with the aide of a powerful computer? They describe a delta wing aircraft as a flying sofa, but with the computer the thing ducks and swoops like nobody’s business. I mean…I’m just sayin’…well, I had a few drinks…

  7. Is he trying to play the statesman again?

    In between enriching himself beyond his wildest dreams and playing both sides for all its worth he displays moments of sanity.

    What a dancer. What a pathetic, silly twit!

  8. Chris Socialism has its roots in Plato’s Utopia, it has been tried many times since then and failed every time because it ignores human nature. For it to work we would all have to be so altruistic that all of our survival instincts had been removed.

  9. I wonder how rich Blaire is? I mean, if Mulroney could get whatever he got from CarlHans Shreiber, how much could Tony get for simply setting up a meeting? The mind boggles; I’m such a terribly small fish.

  10. That is a good question, I have heard that the Clinton’s left office with several million in off shore accounts, of course they are suppose to have had millions in numbered accounts when they left Arkansas.

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