Islamic Group Plans to Double Number of Mosques in Germany

Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Some in Germany are uncomfortable about more mosques being built

Germany’s Muslim community is planning to more than double the number of mosques in the country over the next few years, according to figures released by an Islamic institute this week.

“We have recorded 184 projects to build new mosques, of which some are already under construction,” Salim Abdullah, of the German Institute of Islamic Archives, told the AFP news agency this past week.

“We are talking here about buildings with a dome and a minaret, which are clearly recognizable from the outside, and not the 2,600 prayer areas housed in various buildings throughout the country,” Abdullah added.

Of some 1,200 institutions used as mosques in Germany, only 159 are recognizable mosques, serving a community that numbers over 3 million. The remaining are so-called “backyard mosques,” meaning they are in rooms in buildings that have other purposes or would not obviously appear to be mosques to unaware passers-by. In 2004, mosques with minarets numbered just 141.

The growth in the construction of mosques over the past two decades has made Germany one of the “best-equipped” countries in Europe for Islamic worship, Abdullah said.

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5 Replies to “Islamic Group Plans to Double Number of Mosques in Germany”

  1. Every mosque, madrassa school, Islamic center and Muslim-owned business is under sharia law.

    Every mosque, madrassa school, Islamic center and Muslim-owned business is one more part of the world conquered in the name of the OIC and Islam.

    As the Turkish PM said: “Minarets are the bayonets of Islam.”

    I think its high time to shut them down and ship all who learn to hate within them back to sharia-ruled lands.

    The free world does not need either mosques or Islam.

  2. That is coming to the west, probably faster then anyone an imagine. The worlds economy is poised to go down the tubes, the high oil prices are part of the problem but not all of it. The socialist lending practices that so many nations forced banks to follow are part of the problem, and the nations still printing money in the hopes that will end the problem are part of the problem. Once all three (and there are many more causes) of these peak attitudes will change as people scream even louder about saving jobs for the native population rather then importing people to fill them.

  3. can Mr Salim Abdullah get in touch with me , i am willing to build a mosque in Germany .
    I’m German 44 years old , converted to Islam one year ago , and going to get married to a Muslim women too.
    im willing to build a mosque in Germany

    Abdullah H E

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