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7 Replies to “British Muslims threaten UK videographer and establish primacy for sharia and Muslims in England”

  1. The minute that Muzzie said that, all bets would be off..I would have knocked his ‘effin teeth down his throat and gave him a right kicking..

    Who the hell do they think they are?

  2. Damn right, Kursk. I would have reacted the same way, knocked his f***ing teeth down his throat so hard that he has to end up chewing food through his arsehole. What an arrogant, uneducated prick. The only trouble in the UK now is that if yu or I had touched this slimy, arrogant arsehole the Police would have arrested us and thrown the racist and assault thing at us in Court. God, help England when pricks like this can go around trying to order people not to take videos of him. Where is the EDL… I want the EDL to start a war with these ignorant pedo-loving profit followers… then these uneducated morons will see why England won the II world war.

  3. I know the videographer in this video. He’s asking if you still have the video as he’s lost it. His name is Lee Ingram could you let me know if you have a copy please? Thanks.

    • it is possible but it would be hard to find. I would need the name of it as it was on YT for starters and possibly to be in touch with the filmer to work with me on finding it.

      I would have to go through a lot of hard drives to find something that far back.

      I do sympathize. Some of the most important material I have worked on or shot myself is gone.

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