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7 Replies to “The Islamic roots of the Arab slave trade”

  1. The left doesn’t want the truth about slavery told, they want to use it as a weapon to beat up on Western Civilization, the west didn’t start slavery but we were the ones who fought it the hardest.

  2. People should wise up to the fact that of all cultures, outside of perhaps a handful of primitive peoples living in remote areas of the world, only Islam considers owning another human being as a slave as appropriate and acceptable.

    Especially if that other human being isn’t Muslim or a Muslim male.

    That alone should put the kibosh on all descendants of African slaves wanting to be Muslim. Were they to live in Muslim Africa, the chances would be greater that their non-Muslim relatives could become slaves today given just the right circumstances.

    And what are dhimmis but slaves owned by the dominant Muslim culture that surrounds them? They don’t have the same rights as Muslim men, they are forbidden from living freely as they wish and they have to pay jizya taxes over and above what Muslim men pay.

    To understand how extensive this Muslim slave trade went, people should read about the siege of Boston Ireland during the late 17th century. People in that town still tell stories about those who fought the slavers.

  3. RRWest I will have to look that battle up, a quick google only gave me websites on Boston Mass.

    Since the 1960s I have been amazed by the way the blacks spend so much time pushing Islam in one form or another while vilifying Christianity over the slave trade. If you try to tell them about the Moslem slave trade they call you a liar.

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