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3 Replies to “The face of British Conservatives…”

  1. Just because the party is called conservative doesn’t mean it is, in the US the modern conservatives are acting like the historical liberals, and the modern liberals are acting like the Fascists they call the conservatives.

  2. The three main British parties bare no resemblance to the originals. These three parties are the biggest enemies of the UK that we have seen in years, yet most Brits are unaware of it. These three parties, often refered to by some as the Lib-Lab-Conmen have the same policies when it comes to the main issues. They are all pro E.U., pro mass immigration, pro p.c. and pro Islam. These policies are totally detrimental to the welfare and future of the U.K.. Oldham has a large Muslim population which is bad news for any civilised person. But it gives votes to the Lib-Lab-Conmen and that’s what it’s all about, the betrayal of Britain for the Muslim vote. The people of Oldham had a chance to do something about this by voting for the British National Party. But they have been so influenced by the bad publicity towards the B.N.P. by the Establishment controled media that most of them chose not to. By doing this they have given the Muslims almost Carte- Blanche to run their town, and they will. But it will give little comfort as time goes on to say “I told you so”.

  3. There are a lot of small things going on now that saw things are changing, public and political opinion change slowly at first, then all of a sudden it changes so fast you can’t keep up with the change. If we keep working things will get better, just not as fast as we would like.

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