Left-wing bias? It’s written through the BBC’s very DNA, says Peter Sissons

??Left-wing bias? It’s written through the BBC’s very DNA, says Peter Sissons: The Guardian

Last updated at 12:12 PM on 22nd January 2011

For 20 years I was a front man at the BBC, anchoring news and current ­affairs programmes, so I reckon nobody is better placed than me to ­answer the question that nags at many of its viewers — is the BBC biased?
In my view, ‘bias’ is too blunt a word to describe the subtleties of the ­pervading culture. The better word is a ‘mindset’. At the core of the BBC, in its very DNA, is a way of thinking that is firmly of the Left.
By far the most popular and widely read newspapers at the BBC are The Guardian and The Independent. ­Producers refer to them routinely for the line to take on ­running stories, and for inspiration on which items to cover. In the later stages of my career, I lost count of the number of times I asked a producer for a brief on a story, only to be handed a copy of The Guardian and told ‘it’s all in there’.

If you want to read one of the few copies of the Daily Mail that find their way into the BBC newsroom, they are difficult to track down, and you would be advised not to make too much of a show of reading them. Wrap them in brown paper or a copy of The Guardian, would be my advice.
I am in no doubt that the majority of BBC staff vote for political parties of the Left. But it’s impossible to do ­anything but guess at the numbers whose beliefs are on the Right or even Centre-Right. This is because the one thing guaranteed to damage your career prospects at the BBC is letting it be known that you are at odds with the prevailing and deep-rooted BBC attitude towards Life, the Universe, and Everything.
At any given time there is a BBC line on everything of importance, a line usually adopted in the light of which way its senior echelons believe the political wind is ­blowing. This line is rarely spelled out explicitly, but percolates subtly throughout the organisation.
Whatever the United Nations is associated with is good — it is heresy to question any of its activities. The EU is also a good thing, but not quite as good as the UN. Soaking the rich is good, despite well-founded economic arguments that the more you tax, the less you get. And Government spending is a good thing, although most BBC ­people prefer to call it investment, in line with New Labour’s terminology.
All green and environmental groups are very good things. Al Gore is a saint. George Bush was a bad thing, and thick into the bargain. Obama was not just the Democratic Party’s candidate for the White House, he was the BBC’s. Blair was good, Brown bad, but the BBC has now lost interest in both.
Trade unions are mostly good things, especially when they are fighting BBC managers. Quangos are also mostly good, and the reports they produce are usually handled uncritically. The Royal Family is a bore. Islam must not be offended at any price, although ­Christians are fair game because they do nothing about it if they are offended.

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10 Replies to “Left-wing bias? It’s written through the BBC’s very DNA, says Peter Sissons”

  1. Sounds like ABC, NBC, and CBS they are also worshipers of the left, and to them any opposition is blasphemy, they haven’t started calling for trials for the blasphemers yet, but some of their stories are calls for the death of the blasphemers.

  2. I have seen Peter Sissons for years on tv; longer than I can remember. I had no idea he had independent view from the lefty culture of fear at the BBC. Kudos Peter!

  3. I know the feeling, people from CBS, NBC and ABC that I thought were hard left are working for FOX; and now sound semi-conservative.

  4. Two of the most far-reaching manifestations of the BBC-Guardian axis are covered in this video: http://youtu.be/lO63oWe6XXo
    Top-rated comment:
    “This is? a video that every blog should share with their readers to underline the outrageous bias at the heart of the BBC, and the propaganda it thrusts upon its viewers, listeners and readers.”
    (Autonomous Mind)

  5. None of that surprises me, the BBC went far left decades ago, and the Guardian was founded to be a far left paper. Once again the new media is striking back against the left wing bias and the MSM is looking like fools.

  6. At one time, journalism was considered a respectable profession, with its own code of ethics and respect for the truth, no matter how ugly.

    Now its a matter of who pays your bills and who to appease. Its a matter of slanting every fact and every bit of information to whitewash the truth.

    Now its a matter of newspeak, just as Orwell had predicted way back in 1948.

    Its former journalists like Peter Sissons who is exposing the lies and corruption embedded in today’s mass media.

    Its bloggers like those who run this site who are trying to discover what truths may lie behind the headlines.

    Kudos to Mr. Sissons and to Vlad and his fellow bloggers for telling it like it is.

  7. The bloggers are doing more good then the news media has since WWII, they are forming a new and independent news source that allows us to stay informed. That is why the left hates the net and wants to control who can get onto the net and what is posted to the net. The Bloggers are like the zamdits (sp) of the USSR, they are getting the facts out despite all the government(s) can do to stop them.

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