Extreme Dawa Downunder.

Recently here in Australia, there’s been an islamic convert in the news.

Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon is no shrinking violet when it comes to speaking his piece.

He was recently gave an interview on the radio station 2UE in Sydney.

Transcription here.

If you listen to Ibrahim, his tone is quite reasonable. This is because he’s trying to persuade us peacefully, as he’s supposed to.

That’s all well and good, but of course keeping it nice means that he can’t answer a question about bringing the stoning of adulterers into the legislation here. He can only dance around it and say, “Oh, not that old thing.”

Unfortunately for Ibrahim (formerly Shannon), those sorts of practices under sharia law are rather well-known, and have been getting plenty of airplay.

Another thing to consider is that there are muslims in Australia who agree with the message, but not the way it’s presented.

In Ibrahim’s case, he’s out and proud when it comes to sharia, even to the extent of participating in a public debate on the subject.

He thinks it’s inevitable, but there are a lot of people who disagree with him.

People like his debating partner Jack:

00:10 Masked audience member: My question is, what are you gonna do the day the mujahadin, the sons of allah come here, whether by air by plane [?] or by foot?

0:21 Jack: When I was sixteen years of age, I gave an oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. I have not been relinquished [sic] of that oath.

One last point that Ibrahim seems to have forgotten, and muslims don’t seem to get. Here in Australia, we are known for taking the mickey out of people. People who are full of themselves, who presume to tell others what to do.

We don’t take too kindly to being ordered around, and we find ways to puncture pomposity:

2 Replies to “Extreme Dawa Downunder.”

  1. At our Christmas dinner, my father-in-law bluntly stated that you can’t trust an Arab.

    What he was really saying was you can’t trust a Muslim.

    Taqiyya and kitman are the two most powerful reasons why. They are ideologically sanctioned ways to lie to non-believers so that believers can practice jihad against the infidel kufar who they live amongst.

    Why, oh why, doesn’t the free world ban Islam as a hateful political ideology in the same way that Muslim countries have pretty much banned all religions other than Islam?

    Australia would be a great place to start, since there are so many “radicals” living there. And Oz is pretty much its own place, having enjoyed plenty of freedom over the centuries, so I really wish that they would do something about these Muslims.

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