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5 Replies to “Islamic prostitution ring of white Kufar girls not just in England”

  1. The report said 17 were arrested but there were 26 involved. Who are the other 9?

    3 Women were also enticing the girls into prostitution and abuse. One of them is wearing a head scarf because she is such a good muslim.

    One of the scuzz’s male relatives say they had no idea. It should be ovbious that they are lying. In England it was reported that the gangs pass the girls around to their relatives so…

    If this gang’s modus aparandi was the same as that of the groups in england they also could have shared the girls with their male relatives like those in england do.

    The police should find an excuse to give these guys proclaiming their ignorance (yet looking shit scared for some reason), lie detector tests to see if they took part.

    It wouldn’t have to be a good excuse as these guys look half retarded.

  2. jjk999 the police can’t give the suspects or criminals a lie detector test without their permission, this is the right to not be forced to incriminate themselves. From the video it seems that one of the family members knows about this right because he was starting the excuse that they were forced to confess.

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