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Below is the Mission Statement which was just released by the English Defence League. This is an excellent model that other groups may want to adapt to their local circumstances. It could serve as the common blueprint for the Counterjihad.

1.   Human Rights: Protecting And Promoting Human Rights

The English Defence League (EDL) is a human rights organisation that exists to protect the inalienable rights of all people to protest against radical Islam’s encroachment into the lives of non-Muslims.

It also recognises that Muslims themselves are frequently the main victims of some Islamic traditions and practices. The Government should ensure the individual human rights of members of the Muslim community to openly criticise Islamic orthodoxy, to challenge Islamic community leaders without fear of retribution, to receive full equality before the law (including equal rights for Muslim women), and to leave Islam if they see fit and to do so without fear or censure. Muslims have the right to demand reform of their religion to make it more relevant to the needs of the modern world, including the need to fully respect other groups in society without fear of retribution.

The EDL calls upon the Government to repeal legislation that prevents effective freedom of speech, which is essential if the human rights abuses that sometimes manifest themselves around Islam are to be stopped.

The EDL believes that radical Islam has a stranglehold on British Muslims. It keeps them fearful and isolated, especially the women that it encases in the burqa. It misrepresents their views, stifles freedom of expression, and radicalises their children, whilst continually doing a discredit to those who do wish to peacefully co-exist with their fellow Britons.

2.   Democracy and the Rule of Law: Promoting Democracy And The Rule Of Law By Opposing Sharia

The European Court of Human Rights has declared that “sharia is incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy”. We have seen in recent years a great deal of accommodation with sharia norms based on the premise that sharia rules can be simply attached to our existing traditions and customs. In reality sharia is an alternative to our legal, political, and social systems.

Encouragement of halal food, Islamic courts, and the demand to respect Islam are all aspects of sharia designed to undermine our established way of life on the road to the crystalisation of the full sharia alternative. Sharia law makes a fundamental distinction between Muslims and non-Muslims, and the EDL will never allow this sort of iniquitous apartheid system to take root in our country. The EDL will therefore oppose sharia appeasement in all its forms.

3.   Public Education: Ensuring That The Public Get A Balanced Picture Of Islam

A central part of the EDL’s mission is public education. For a long time the British political and media establishment have been presenting a very sanitised and therefore inaccurate view of Islam shaped by the needs of policy-makers rather than the needs of the public. This has acted as a barrier to informed policy-making and made the solution of real problems impossible. In pursuing this self-defeating and destructive policy, the Government has effectively been acting as the propaganda arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The EDL is committed to a campaign of public education to ensure that all aspects of Islam that impact on our society are brought into the open so that they can be debated in a forthright and honest manner. It believes that only by looking at all the facts can society be effectively and humanely governed. If there are aspects of Muslim tradition that encourage the activities of Islamic radicals and criminals, then these need to be properly addressed without fear of accusations of racism or xenophobia.

The public must have a more balanced and less sanitised view of Islam that allows it to ensure that decision-makers are held to account for their policy-making choices, choices that affect the harmony and security of the nation.

The EDL promotes the understanding of Islam and the implications for non-Muslims forced to live alongside it. Islam is not just a religious system, but a political and social ideology that seeks to dominate all non-believers and impose a harsh legal system that rejects the democratic process. It runs counter to all that we hold dear within our British liberal democracy.

4.   Respecting Tradition: Promoting The Traditions And Culture Of England While At The Same Time Being Open To Embrace The Best That Other Cultures Can Offer

The EDL believes that English Culture has the right to exist and prosper in England. It recognises that culture is not static, and that over time natural change takes place, and that other cultures can make contributions which make our culture stronger and more vibrant. However, this does not give license to policy-makers to deliberately undermine our culture and impose non-English cultures on the English people in their own land.

If people migrate to this country then they should be expected to respect our culture, its laws and traditions, and not expect their own cultures to be promoted by agencies of the state. The best of their cultures will be absorbed naturally and we will all be united by the enhanced culture that results.

The EDL is therefore keen to draw its support from all races, all faiths, all political persuasions, and all lifestyle choices. Under its umbrella all people in England, whatever their background or origin, can stand united in a desire to stop the imposition of the rules of Islam on non-believers. In order to ensure the continuity of our culture and its institutions, the EDL stands opposed to the creeping Islamisation of our country, because that presents itself as an undemocratic alternative to our cherished way of life.

Our armed forces stand up and risk their lives every day in order to protect our culture and democratic way of life. They, also, are inclusive of all England’s diversity, and are a shining example of what a people can achieve in unity. The EDL is therefore committed to opposing any and all abuse that our men and women in uniform are subjected to, and will campaign for legal remedies to ensure that those working within these important institutions are not exposed to abuse or aggression from within our country.

5.   International Outlook: Working In Solidarity With Others Around The World

The EDL is keen to join with others who share its values, wherever they are in the world, and from whatever cultural background they derive. It believes that the demand for sharia is global and therefore needs to tackled at a global as well a as national level, so that this demand will never be realised. The EDL will therefore have an international outlook to enhance and strengthen its domestic efforts.

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  1. This will not stop those on the left, such as Dr. Dawg, from using past associations and infiltrations of neo-Nazis, BNP and other despicable persons to point at the EDL and say they’re not what they say they are.

    Until the media stops repeating the lies being spewed from the Liberal media and allow a real debate about Islamic extremism, as the EDL call it, or just plain ‘ole Islam, as I call it, every act by the EDL will continue to bring the label “extreme Right wing” or “Fascist” or “violent” or pick what-ever comes to mind to just silence anyone who wants to expose the ugly reality of Islam’s exploitation of multi-culturalism.

    I wish Tommy well and success.

    St. George!

  2. I applaud the Mission Statement of the EDL. I immigrated from England to Canada 50 years ago and from this side of the Pond I watch in horror as the Muslims gradually erode the freedoms the Western World has fought so long to bring about. What appalls me most is the willingness of people to surrender those freedoms without a fight.
    I was born in Egypt and lived there for the first 15 years of my life and I know what these people are capable of. If we do not draw a line in the sand and stand firm in the face of this onslaught, a dark age will be upon us.
    The situation here in Canada is not as bad as it is in England, but we are headed that way. We are already witnessing honour killings, demands for women-only pool hours, refusals to check people out at the supermarket if they have bought alcohol, special exam times at universities so that they can pray, etc. Just recently there was a protest by the Muslims because one of their own was arrested while committing a crime during the “holy” month of Ramadan!
    I am keen to start the equivalent of the EDL here. I have no idea how to go about it. I have a small group of like-minded friends but we really need to have representatives across the country. The media, in their abysmal ignorance of Islam, are no help. I need to contact somebody who is more savvy than I in these matters. Any suggestions?

  3. All organisations, except the trivial, in Britain and the USA are controlled covertly by
    by the Establishment. There are clues about the English Defence League that
    suggest the same is true of the EDL. The EDL seems to do nothing but provoke
    violence, if they do anything else, i would like to know. The EDL is inpenetratable,
    the only contact is a comment form. The EDL gives no information about its
    structure and no information about its officers.

    The following course of action is suggested:

    Subject: TPN No. 2

    T P N Second Edition
    The Tea Party is an anarchic group composed, mostly, of honest,

    ordinary people who are distributed in small groups across Am-

    erica with ordinary skills and limited resources, connections and

    knowledge. In addition, the Tea Party has among its members, al-

    though in lesser numbers, single-issue persons, cholophiles,

    crazies, con-artists, opportunists, ringers from the Republican

    Party ( and, perhaps, the Democratic Party ), government agents,

    CIA agents, corporate agents and agents from various political

    groups, etc. Though small, these groups, are powerful, knowl-

    edgeable amoral, and have all the necessary resources at their

    disposal and are able to take control of any groups within the Tea

    Party: the potential ringers, even in high school, carefully avoid

    anything that might hurt their reputation, carefully study ever-

    thing that might affect their reputation and then when candidates,

    take lessons from professional coaches who teach them every

    movement that impresses the voters. This strategy is very success-

    ful, an example of this success is the fact almost every Congress-

    man is well regarded by his voters, although the voters have a

    very poor opinion of the rest of Congress, not looking at the dis-

    mal record of their Congressman. Thus, the average Tea Party

    member will likely reject an honest capable person and select

    one of these crooks as his leader. The identification of honest and

    capable leaders is, to say the least, a difficult business. But Tea

    Party members must perform this difficult business if they are to

    get satisfactory leaders, otherwise they will get leaders who will

    easily become corrupt, like the politicians selected by the Non-

    partisan League, the Tea Party of a hundred years ago, and all

    the Tea Party effort will be wasted. Carefully constructed ques-

    tionaires will not detect corrupt individuals; anyway they have

    been trained by coaches to correctly answer questionaires. The

    honesty of candidates and potential candidates selected by the

    Establishment cannot be assessed by Tea Party members ( al-

    though they think they can ) because the candidates are carefully

    chosen by the Establishment because of their loyalty to the Estab-

    lishment and their presentability to the voters. The potential Est-

    ablishment candidates, in turn, carefully prepares for his selection.

    He will be very careful to avoid, even In high school, even the

    smallest acts that might be dug up by some malicious reporter.

    Then, once a candidate, he will be carefully trained by a coach to

    appear to be very warm and friendly and to show or act the indi-

    cators by which the voters judge ( or think they can judge ) the

    honesty and capability of candidates. Once selected by the Est-

    lishment, a candidates reputation will be further enhanced by one

    million dollars worth publicity and advertising devised by pro-

    fessional practitioners. This will be rather hard for the Tea Party

    members to beat.


    How are local Tea Party members to go about selecting gen-

    uinely honest, capable candidates and leaders who are also cred-

    able to voters? To choose individuals who are honest and capable

    from an organization as ridden with the malefactors, described

    above, as the Tea Party will need a committee composed of people

    with unimpeachable honesty and capability will be difficult indeed.

    Who will determine who is qualified to select such a committee?

    How can the Tea Party convince the voters of the committee mem-

    ber’s qualifications? The selection of credible candidates is most

    probably beyond the capability of the Tea Party as it is.


    Fortunately there is a group that can help the Tea Party select hon-

    est candidates: psychologists. Psychological evaluation of can-

    didates for promotion and hiring has been used by many corp-

    orations for about sixty years. One corporation uses psychological

    evaluation even for promotion to the position of foreman. There is

    no reason why psychological evaluation could not be used for the

    selection of political candidates. In addition, evaluation by psych-

    ologists would be widely accepted by the Public. Psychologists

    and lawyers can be trusted not to commit any impropriety because

    if they did, they would lose their certification or be disbarred and

    end their careers.


    The following procedure is suggested for the selection of honest,

    capable candidates: local Tea Party groups should form indep-

    endent non-partisan organizing committees under the supervision

    of psychologists and lawyers. The lawyers would take care of

    legal matters and investigation. The organizing committee would

    then organize independent Democratic and Republican political

    clubs, again under the supervision of psychologists and lawyers.

    Once formed, the political club would advertise for applicants for

    the position of Congressman, then use rigorous tests, including,

    most importantly, psychological evaluation to select the best app-

    licant. Then we will get Congressmen who are honest, capable

    and loyal to their constituents.


    It is suggested that Tea Party members be only a small minority of

    organizing committees to protect the committees from a belief

    that it is controlled by the Tea Party members. Also it is suggested

    that Tea Party members and members of the organizing committee

    be forbidden from joining the political clubs until some months

    after the club’s formation. Again, to protect the club’s reputation

    for being independent of the Tea Party. For more details see article

    no. one, http://www.home.earthlink.net/~jnewell957

    Comments welcome, Questions answered

    Also see article no. 21 & 3 Also search: +FEMA+”Coup Detat” and

    +FEMA+”Secret Prisons”

  4. I am from Asia and I am tired too of being forced to respect multiculturalism which in reality is being misused by extreme supremacist religious groups and tribalistic nonwhite ethnic groups to get preferential treatment to unscrupulously enrich their nonwhite tribes endless unreasonable demands.

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