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  1. What ??? From the general media you would think they were suffering like the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto , Poland 1940 . I’m confused ! They don’t look “oppressed & starving” , women & children look well fed . Ahh maybe these shoots are for the tourists so that we do not see the “real” Gaza !

  2. If only the people had exacted from their leaders peace instead of allowing them to waste many decades of their lives with wars, the whole region would had been a happy and enjoyable place to live in.

    Instead they allowed the Arafats of this century to gobble up the many billions of dollars that they received to buy arms and to take or send their families and friends to shop in Paris and deposit the rest in Switzerland.

    Working with Israel instead of fighting against it, is the only sane solution for the good people but the rotten apples will never allow it because they can get away with murder (!!!!!) by accumulating the arms and using them mainly to scare and submit the population to their dictatorship.

    What a shame!!! As long as the Muslim women will not revoot against their everdominating male population, they will be wasting precious moments of their short lives.

    After all, and as we all know, this life of theirs is not a rehearsal. Live and let live!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy instead of being victims!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cool heads know better. This can also be said about tourist attractions in Cuba. Just step outside the bounderies of the tourists areas and you will see the reality of how things are in that country. . .

  4. I don’t know if this prosperity is limited to a few areas or not, but even if it is it paints a very different picture then the one the MSM wants us to see.

  5. Many citiess have poor neighborhoods very close by rich ones but in this case all the leaders have squandered the many billions that were received just so that they could keep their positions and have everyone else hide their heads in the sand.

    Cuba comes to mind when you consider the help received and the billions that are breathing no air in the coffers of the Swiss banks.

  6. Yes it has tourist areas but not all countries have them. To have tourist areas is a sign that things are ok from an international traveller point of view. Try visiting the Congo or Somalia and see the difference. Place like that are not ok. They do not do tourism. That is why journalist do not send reports from places like that very often. They love Gaza however, and stay in swanky hotels and send a report if the slightest thing happens. Journalist avoid the real hell holes as they are too dangerous and not comfortable. An occasional report from such places as the Congo is all you get. The Congo has had millions of deaths. The palastinians have since 1948 lost 35,000. A pathetically low number that may put it bottom in terms of comparsion with other conflicts of the last century. The palastinian, however, remain the worlds most loved people from a journalistic, UN and leftist/islamic, and Aid recipient point of view.

  7. arabconqueredpersian the reporters are worse then you are stating, over here in the states if a reporter has to leave one of the major cities and travel to a small city or small town they consider that they are putting their lives at risk from nasty germs and viruses. If they think that about traveling in the US they must consider traveling to a real hell hole to be suicide.

  8. 10 floors
    first luxury five star hotel in Gaza overlooking the Mediterranean Sea , 250 rooms
    executed by: Aquaria, US$ 30 million
    Al-Mashtal Movenpic Hotel – Gaza.
    Richard if journalists do not like this hotel they are crazy. I bet a few journalists lived here when they told us how oppressed the fat gazans are on the MSM. Plenty of other hotels in Gaza. No wonder it is aiming to become a tourist hub. It is already the hub for journalists around the world looking for the fatest burger loving “oppressed” people in the world Pallys are so well looked after I doubt if any would ever give up their lives and move to where real suffering is in Somali, Congo, Zimbabwe, Haiti or among the thin people of the slums of Bangladesh and India. No journalist there. No the Pallys are doing well being the darlings of the Arabs, the Islamics world wide, the lefties world wide, the media world wid, the UN fan club and of course the US Pres and his buddies and the EU love them to the max and sends over aid that the other places which are not so well loved sorely need in order to get them well enough to be able to match the stone throwing fitness and wellbeing of the Pallys.

  9. I know what you mean, the journalist stay in the best hotel and if possible never leave the air conditioning, they pick up what gossip they can and then go on the air with a backdrop that makes it look like they are out doing hard dangerous information gathering for the broadcast. And with the MSM the bigger the name the closer to the bar and air conditioning they stay.

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