Toronto JDL Hosts Tommy Robinson support rally Tuesday Jan 11th 2011

From The JDL Website:

TOMORROW – Tues Jan 11th *JDL* SUPPORT RALLY FOR *TOMMY ROBINSON* 7:30 pm @ Toronto Zionist Centre





7:30 PM

The outrageous intimidation of Tommy Robinson is nothing more than a politically motivated crime on the part of the British Establishment. They don’t like the truth that he speaks because it contradicts establishment policy. His treatment at the hands of the state shows that the people of Great Britain are already living in a tyranny. The mechanisms to prevent the persecution of political dissidents in the United Kingdom have obviously now broken down and the British Establishment is now perpetrating serious politically motivated human rights abuses. The EDL needs international support to help it support the values of freedom that Britain was once famous. Now is the time to step forward and stop Political Islam. The British Establishment is following the appeasement policies of Neville Chamberlain. We must revive the the Winston Churchill policy of direct confrontation to victory.

Video: “Tommy Robinson talks about Police Tactics in England

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  1. Shirl it will be one sided and attacking the EDL, I pray that Tommy manages to keep out of prison and stays alive, I am continually amazed by the way the old science fiction writers managed to get so much of the public attitudes right, Burgess in “A Clockwork Orange” (published in 1962) talked about a Britain (around this time) that has a major crime problem and was expecting a whole lot of political prisoners. H. Bean Piper in his late 1950s short novel “Null ABC” wrote about a time in the 2400s when the schools were not allowed to teach children to read and write. He also wrote a short story (I can’t remember the title to) about how in the early days of the 21st Century the west was fighting the Caliphate. Part of the reason they could predict the future so well is that they understood history and knew that most of the west suffered and still suffers from the “It can’t happen here” virus. We must work hard to oppose the politically correct surrender to Islam and/or a socialist dictatorship because it is happening here, and unfortunately we are the generations that have been chosen to oppose the enslavement of the west.

  2. Richard, I am not sure what the reason for the crucifixion of Tommy and the EDL is about.

    In the beginning there were, I grant you football hooligan types that were hangers-on, but the EDL have cleared that up now.

    The last rally at Peterborough was quiet and orderly. The police were on side as were the local council

  3. Shirl the motivation is fear, the EDL is not following the liberal agenda and thought pattern and thus has to be destroyed, left wing political correctness is a religious law every bit as harsh as sharia. Any deviation from the left’s agenda has to be punished, other wise the left won’t be able to take over and maintain control of the various governments.

    Look at what happened in the States after the Tuscon shooting, the left immediately launched into blame the conservatives mode, the conservatives won the last election and are gaining more strength all the time so they have to be destroyed. It is the same with the EDL, they are the beginning of a political movement, and if they follow the pattern of history they will be a very strong movement. All political movements that oppose the left are going to be attacked and if possible destroyed. What is happening is that the left in their attacks are actually destroying their own reputations and strengthening their opponents.

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