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10 Replies to “Antisemitism in England.”

  1. Its not just England but all over Europe. Jews have now been warned by the Netherlands that it is in their interest to leave for Israel.

    Guess who is doing this?

  2. DP111 it is also becoming politically correct to be an anti-Semitic on the more liberal university campuses in the US, and anti-Semitic attacks are on the increase in the US.
    The way the politician who was defeated by Moslems calling her Jewish still thinks that Islamophobia is a fear of a non existent danger is interesting she is still living in a fantasy world.
    I do like the way the reporter kept talking about the anti-Semitism of the left, given enough time he will come to understand that Fascism is a leftist philosophy and the natural home of anti-Semitism.

  3. Richard

    You are right.

    However, Israel is to an extent responsible for having ignored the demonisation of Israel. Melanie Phillips video is good on this one.


    One thing which Melanie Philips does not mention, is that so many on the Left are Jews or Israelis. Their hatred of Israel is just as much as that of Muslims. It is hard for me, a non-Jew, to defend Israel against its enemies, if the opposition comes from Jews.

  4. I saw the video, Israel has forgotten the same thing we did during Nam, when you are fighting a was you have to keep public opinion on your side, during WWII the US government produced a series of shorts that were played in all theaters, titled why we fight. In Nam we didn’t keep the reasons for fighting in front of the public and the public turned against the war. Now we are fighting a war of survival and once again we didn’t keep reminding the public why we are fighting, and once again they are turning against the war. Israel forgot or decided they didn’t need to keep reminding people who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.

    Yes there are a whole bunch of Jew hating Jews, in fact at one time a high ranking member of the American Nazi party was discovered to be a Jew, he also claimed to be a Jew. Karl Marx was a Jew and was very anti-Semitic, and was Engels. I wish I could tell y0u how to defend Israel from the anti-Israeli Jews but I can’t, I don’t understand them either.

  5. I am American and lived in Britain for 30 years. I was at least insulted by the British every day of my life for three decades on the basis of my country of national origin. People I didn’t know felt free to wade in and tell me how evil I am. In Britain, it was “The Americans’ who were to blame for all the evil on earth. When I came ‘home’ to what used to be Los Angeles five years ago, I thought I was leaving the racism behind. Now I am surrounded by Lefties and all sorts of immigrants who blame ‘The Whites, The Americans, The British, The Europeans and The Christians.’ I have been at college here for three years. Teachers at the college openly slander, vilify and ridicule 100s of millions of people they know nothing about. I watched that Melanie Philips video (mentioned above) yesterday. She talks about the lies that have been told about Israel. She is right. I was told those lies. I believed them too. I don’t know enough about all these issues. I would really appreciate it if someone would write a small booklet entitled , “Ten Lies That Made You A Well-Meaning Liberal.” (I use to be one, but never drank the Kool-aid.) I could use this booklet myself, as an introduction to where I’ve gone wrong all my life. It could contain references to further reading, but would be very simple and plain-spoken in itself. I don’t know where to begin to try to get through to the people around me. A simple introduction could help us all.

  6. Kate a simple booklet wouldn’t be possible, it would take several volumes to begin listing the lies of the left. A good place to start is to read up on Fascism, they take a good look at the policies the left is pushing and the policies the conservatives are purposing, see which side comes the closest to the policies advocated by the Fascist. You can also discover a lot by reading the Verona Intercepts, this was the US government signals intercept program that broke the Soviet codes early in the Cold War, they discovered that some of their superiors were Soviet Agents. Then there is the Black Book of communism listing all the crimes of the communists, including the murder of well over 100 million people. Also add anything by David Limbaugh (or Rush for that matter), anything by David Horowitz, anything by Ann Coulter, anything by Dick Army, and they will steer you to other authors who are well worth reading.

    In ending I want to say welcome to the rolls of the politically incorrect, we are going to end up winning this fight but it will take a long time.

  7. One thing that Israel has never understood, is that America’s influence with the Islamic world rests on the assumption, that it is the only country that has influence to extract concessions from Israel.

    Two things follow from this

    1. The more Israel gives away without real concessions from the Arab side, the less it will have, and thus less influence it has with America.

    2. The more America forces Israel to give, the less influence it has with the Arabs, as well as Israel.

    It is therefore not in the interest of America to force Israel to give anything.

    If Israel shows its displeasure at the one sided concessions that America is demanding from Israel, and walks away, then America has no hand to play, and the Arabs know it as well.

  8. Thank you, Richard, for your suggestions. I did challenge the teachers at college last semester and they caved. They are exceptionally weak people, want very much to be liked and talk about ‘the future’ as only those who live in a bubble could. They admit to having no idea of what is going on in the real world. Their sole fear is the gravy train will stop. It is about the easy la-la life for them, not about a new world order. They do not have interior lives. I want to be able to impress upon these people that their behaviour is putting their own lives in danger. Of course we win, of that there is no doubt.

  9. You are welcome Kate, your professors are probably tenured and thus immune to firing, or are worried that they won’t get tenure, once tenure is achieved they have a job no matter what.

    DP111 you are right about our influence in the Middle East, Obama by appearing weak (he actually is as weak as he appears) has come close to destroying any influence we have, and not just in the Middle East but all around the world. His hatred for Britain has led him to destroy the special relationship between the US and Britain, and today he stood up and said France is our most important ally. I don’t know what it will take to restore the special relationship but it will be more then our electing a different President.

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