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7 Replies to “Melanie Phillips on Israeli TV. The Israelis have lost the narrative”

  1. Melanie Phillips knows how to cut through all the propaganda and media spin about Israel. Her clear thinking is like a beacon of light in the murky world of the Middle East. She knows whereof she speaks.

    Wish there were thousands more like her.

  2. She is right, and the problem is not just in Israel, the kids in the west are being taught that the west is evil, no one is teaching the good things the west has done. This war of ideas has to be fought and won, look at the discussion on Islam in Australia, the Moslem woman (or group of people) refuse to accept the truth about Islam, and the west. Back in the 1960s the left started pushing the idea that no one could ever know the truth because the truth depended on you view point, what was the truth for one side wasn’t the truth for another. They also pushed the schools into stopping teaching a lot of facts of history because they didn’t support the ideological message the left wanted taught. What the entire west needs to do is to return to teaching the children to read, write, the facts of history and not just the distorted lies of the left and to think for themselves. Way too many people these days are incapable of critical thought because they have never been taught how to think.

  3. Israelis have never known what anti-semetism is. In Israel, the leftists took over the classrooms, the media, and infected the people with their whackjob ideology.

    Israel has a date with karma. Muslims are normal. They do not want to know about compassion to their enemies.

    Israelis and North American Jews, really get off on compassion, like having an orgasm when ever they want. Compassion compassion for arab muslims. Orgasms day and night.

    Melanie is correct. Just read Ha´aretz. This is where Michael Harris of 580cfra.com gets his talking points. How does a Jew or a non-Jew defend Israel when you have Israeli Jews spreading info and self criticism, to be used by the anti-semites? How?

    Israelis themselves are a big problem when it comes to defending Israel.

  4. Excellent clip . Melanie has it in spades ! Like most of the West it does not understand the nature of the warfare or chooses not to to it’s own destruction . An excellent video to get , if still available, is called Farewell Israel .

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