The black flag of jihad.

One can’t help but notice that whenever Muslims do something awful, they do it in front of a black cloth with Arabic writing on it. The writing, is the declaration of faith of Islam. Specifically, “There is no god but….” and the rest of that nonsense we are all too familiar with. But why behead people in front of that? Surely if Islam is a religion of peace, the declaration of faith to Allah would be a highly inappropriate standard in front of which, to cut people’s heads off. It must just be a few ‘misunderstanders of Islam’ right?

Cut to Armistice day 2010 in England. Tommy Robinson’s group, The English Defence League, confronts a group of Muslims calling themselves, “Muslims against Crusaders” who chanted insults at British soldiers both living and dead. No doubt Anjem Chaudery’s bunch who used to be called Sharia for UK and changed their name to avoid a ban by the British government. A weak and stupid strategy if there ever was one by the Brits I might add.

Tommy Robinson was arrested for what he did that day. So a number of us, myself, a British lawyer working with Tommy’s legal defence team, (Lawman) and Baron Bodissey of The Gates of Vienna, put in some time over the last few days to research exactly what this black flag with white writing is all about as we see it whenever Muslims threaten, or actually do us harm.

This is the result.

Here are some more photos of the declaration of war, this time in Oz:


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  1. That flag is the equivlent of the enemy’s national colors, they use to give big medals and promotions to people who captured the enemy’s national colors.

  2. It is symb0lism. It is a symbol of Arab imperialism since Islam is Arab Imperialism. Actually it kinda interesting that the people in the picture do seem to be black women. I have to say this may be an interesting facination for such women as they are completely innocent of any imperialism and in fact have borne the brunt of lots of different imperialisms over the centuries. So in a sense they have may pity. They are just ignorant and incapable of doing anything. It is there masters the Arabs we need to keep our eyes on. The women in the picture are just playing with a fascinating concept whose history as applied to them they have not understood at all.

  3. Now just imagine Germans living in the UK in the 40?s, furling a Swastika in their demos against the WWII.

    They would not have lasted long.

    This is what our “namby pamby all cultures are the same” idiocy has landed us in.

  4. Now for real jihad we need to look not at these ignorant women but completly delude nutcases of the brown circumcised variety like Mohammad Attah of 9/11 infamy who wrote: I will soon be with the women of paradise.

  5. Mohammad Attah died for sex. The modern Jihad is simply dieing for sex. It is simply sex mad. It is a sex mad approach to religion. It is taking the sex mad delusions of Mohammad on to the battle field. It reminds me of the Viking religion where the brave warriors called beserkers would be met in heaven after they died by warrior maidens. That is long gone and now the Swedes have the people inside their cities like Malmo who really do believe in such madness and have turned Sweden into the rape capital of Europe. These circumcised brown men we see in the video are these kinds of people. Let ut take the education of our infidel women folk seriously and explain to them what these men are about. Let them not fall into their clutches.

  6. With barbarians rape has always been an integral part of conquest, the rape of the conquered women proves to them that their men can’t protect them and tells the conquered men that they aren’t really men since they can’t protect their women.

  7. Would the muslims minde if we had a draw Mohammad Attah day. After all he is their modern poster boy of the modern Jihad. and he does have the Mohammad in his name. Would they claim that their prophet is being mocked! No this is not the white prophet of islam this is his brown circumcised follower Mohammad Attah. I once saw a tee-shirt with a stick drawing and an arrow pointing to it saying this is NOT Mohammad.
    From the excellent Religion of peace website:An impressive year-end surge against soft targets (such as praying Christians) helped Islamic terrorists eclipse 2009’s mark of 9,159 dead by a mere 16 bodies. Congratulations to the Religion of Peace! So it appears that for the previous two years the modern jihad has killed over 18,000 people. Now if only we had a breakdown of the numbers into muslims and kuffar. My feeling is that most of the dead are in fact muslims. And most of them are brown muslims who have died in brown muslim on muslim violence.

  8. So if we jump from 2001 during the time of Mohammad Attah and his three thousand deaths we can see that three times more people are killed on a yearly basis. However, these figures merely show the fact that it is mainly Brown muslim on Brown muslim violence. The killing of the kuffar is small compared to the killing of the muslims by muslims. I do not know the figures but one can get a feel for the figures by taking a look at the excellent Religion of Peace website which keeps a list of all the attacks and deaths that they know of. Certainly they do not know of them all but they do know of those that make it on to the general news. So in conclusion the killing of the Kuffar has gone down and the killing of the Muslim has gone up since the time of Mohammad Attah and there has been a three fold increase in death of all kinds (kuffar and muslim) since the launching of the modern jihad by Mohammad Attah in September 2001.

  9. Quote:
    It is symb0lism. It is a symbol of Arab imperialism since Islam is Arab Imperialism.
    end quote.

    And in the Muslim mind, symbolism is extremely important.
    It was the symbol of the WTC that allowed the terrorists flying those planes into the buildings to think that they were merely obliterating a symbol instead of killing innocent human beings.
    Muslims do not allow the depiction of concrete worldly things in art, in worship, or even in thought. They are heavily reliant on symbolism in their thinking.
    Right and good then that we should all burn the black flag!

  10. Symbols are important, the left recognizes this but most of the rest of us ignore it, a picture of one of the planes hitting the Twin Towers is a symbol of why we are fighting. How often do you see this symbol? The left as pushed the idea that we can’t use that symbol, or any others that show why we are fighting because it might inflame the public. This leaves them and the temporary Moslem allies free to use any symbol they want while we can use non. The Moslem black flag of jihad is out there telling the Moslems why they are fighting, we need to be reminded why we are fighting on a periodic bases, and we don’t want those reminders to be terror attacks.

  11. How short the memory of the British leaders is.
    Do they not remember Neville Chamberlain and the “peace in our time” nonsense?
    Let me spell it out – ***you CANNOT appease Islam!*** They simply see you as weak, and they will push even harder.

    I am convinced that the leaders of Britain truly WANT the country to be taken over by the Islamists. The leaders seem to be so utterly spineless and guilt-ridden – so politically-correct – that they are no longer capable of thinking rationally (if indeed they ever were). They want the country to be taken over as “atonement” for their imaginary sins. A pity that 55 million or so people will suffer because of their treason and foolishness.

  12. The current crop of politicians are for the most part members of the far left and they are so arrogant they think they can do what no one else in history could. That is the reason they insist that this time socialism will work and won’t turn into a dictatorship. The same people think they can appease the Moslems and still maintain their grip on the political reigns, they do know that if they start moving against the Moslems they will end up empowering their political enemies. They refuse to see the danger from the Moslems so they can keep their political enemies from taking over the governments of the West.

  13. @Kaffir_Kanuck Thank you for the kind referral.
    Simply folks the Black Banners of Islam, be it the “raya” or any of the derivative versions such as the one currently employed by al-Qaeda, have absolutely no historic or current use other than to designate the soldiers/mujahadeen and the battlefields in the jihad for Khalifah. The very doctrine of Khalifah/empire is contrary to many countries laws. It is this component of Islamic doctrine that is the cause of all the problems. The insistence that ALL religion be made for Allah, at any cost. If we can’t attack the very battle ensigns of those who want us dead… then free speech is already dead.

  14. It hasn’t taken the politically correct people to remove this from youtube.
    Yet youtube has videos of imams preaching hate against non believers. This is getting bad, islam is getting too many people thinking that they are being prosecuted but in reality they are being exposed for what they are and represent.
    I am utterly disgusted at the political correctness the socialist left is pushing. Definitely taking the Dhimmi road.

  15. It hasn’t taken the politically correct people long to remove this from youtube.
    Yet youtube has videos of imams preaching hate against non believers. This is getting bad, islam is getting too many people thinking that they are being prosecuted but in reality they are being exposed for what they are and represent.
    I am utterly disgusted at the political correctness the socialist left is pushing. Definitely taking the Dhimmi road.

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