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5 Replies to “Four stories of spreading the peace of Islam Jan 7 2011”

  1. Terror has come full circle, back in the 1970s the terrorists were taking over buildings and murdering people to try and achieve their goals, and in Israel they were making random shooting attacks. The police and intelligence groups finally broke up the 1970s terror groups and the armed citizens in Israel shot the terrorists after they opened fire. The terrorists stopped the takeover attacks and started using bombs of various types because they could kill more people that way. Now the Moslems are returning to the take over attacks knowing that in Europe the citizens aren’t armed and can’t shoot them.

    Does anyone really expect that the South Sudan splitting off from the North is going to bring peace?

  2. I for one am very glad at the South going its own way. Islam shrinks. It holds sway over less terrority than before.

  3. I didn’t say I wasn’t glad the South is going to become a separate nation, I just said it isn’t going to bring peace. The North will continue to make slave raids into the South and start pushing the border further south with religious cleansing, and the rest of the world will do nothing.

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