Diplomat attacked with döner knives

‘But think of all the great restaurants!’ Multiculturalism shows its wonders in Germany.

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A high-ranking German diplomat in the Turkish capital Ankara has reportedly been attacked by three men wielding döner kebab knives following a traffic altercation.

The man was driving home with his wife in a car with diplomatic plates on the evening of December 27 when he flashed his headlights at another vehicle for driving recklessly, according to local media reports.

The driver of the other car then began to follow the diplomat and cut him off at a petrol station. At that point, the German got out of his car and started calling for help just before three men attacked him with the long, serrated knives used to slice the popular Turkish snack döner kebab from spits of rotating meat.

The diplomat, who suffered wounds on his stomach and right leg, was taken to the hospital after the attack. The German embassy reported on Tuesday that the victim was now in a stable condition.

The döner knife assailants have since been arrested and are being held on remand for gross bodily harm. The police do not at the moment suspect a political motive in the attack.

Turkish daily Hürriyet reported the diplomat, who was visited by officials from the Turkish Foreign Ministry and a member of the country’s Constitutional Court, did not blame Turkey for the incident.

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  1. I can sympathize with the diplomat. A similar incident happened to me while I was working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (not with diplomatic status!). I was driving to work one morning, and this very large Ford luxury car (Crown Victoria?) drove quite dangerously and nearly cut me off on an approaching on ramp. I flashed my headlights at him to notify him that he was driving at great risk to others. Big mistake. He jammed on the brakes hard nearly causing me to rear-end him, and brought me to a stop. He hauled himself out of his car and approached me with great haste. Banged on my window, which I rolled down. He asked me why I flashed my lights at him, at which I pointed out the danger of screaming up an on ramp without looking as to whether traffic was there. Well, he lost his cool completely. He screamed at me, “I am a Muslim. I am a consultant from Turkey. And because of that I can do what I like. And if you want to continue to complain then I will cut you up right now.” I kid you not, those were his words. Well, I wasn’t going to hang around for the inevitable knife threats. So I said, “Right, thanks for the warning, fella… I hope you take note of my warning.”… and backed up and sped away. He banged on my car, attempted to kick it, and then threw something at it. At that time it seemed the wisest thing for me to do was to get away from the foaming-at-the-mouth rabid dog.
    I tell you, I went through three such incidents while working there for four years. It was scary and I was glad to leave the country when the time came. I do not accept any consulting jobs in any of the Middle east countries any more.
    I do hope that diplomat makes it through OK with no permanent damage to any part of his body, and that his rabid dog attackers are thrown into some hellhole of a jail.

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