Washington Times: The glaring omissions in the Obama perspective on the terror in the past week.

EDITORIAL: When Muslims kill Christians

Obama sweeps jihadist motives under the rug


The Washington Times

5:48 p.m., Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MugshotCoptic Christians weep under the broken remains of a sign celebrating “2011” Sunday in the blood-spattered Saints Church in Alexandria, Egypt. Just after a New Year’s Mass, 21 worshippers were killed and about 100 wounded in an apparent suicide bombing. (Associated Press)

Radical Muslims detonated a car bomb outside a Coptic Christian church in Alexandria, Egypt, on Saturday, killing 21 and wounding many others. The White House condemned the attack as a “barbaric and heinous act” but – true to form – remained silent on the jihadist motives of its perpetrators.

The car bombing marked an escalation in an ongoing siege against Egypt‘s oldest indigenous religious community, which previously had been subjected primarily to shootings and vandalism. The White House admitted the bombing targeted Christian worshippers, and if something similar took place in this country it would be called a hate crime, with the perpetrators and their reasons for conducting the attack precisely described. The Obama administration, however, is committed to the intellectually insupportable argument that the best way to combat jihadist terrorism is to ignore its Islamic content. It is the equivalent of telling police to solve crimes by looking into means and opportunity but ignoring motive.

The White House further watered down the impact of the attack in Egypt by combining that condemnation with another denouncing a same-day terror attack on a military barracks in Abuja, Nigeria. The latter bombing was probably the work of a radical Muslim sect called Boko Haram (“forbidden knowledge”), also known as the Nigerian Taliban, but the president chose not to point any of that out, either. Also left unmentioned was the church that the jihadists burned that day in the city of Maiduguri, or the dozens that Boko Haram killed in a series of Christmas Eve bombings in central Nigeria.

On Friday, the State Department condemned attacks by gunmen on Iraqi Christians and took the opportunity belatedly to mention the Oct. 31 bombing at the Our Lady of Salvation Catholic Church in Baghdad that killed 58. The bombing was credited to an al Qaeda affiliate organization, not that anyone would learn that from the State Department.

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4 Replies to “Washington Times: The glaring omissions in the Obama perspective on the terror in the past week.”

  1. But a little hazing at Abu Garaib is on the front page for years.

    Or the enless replays of an abortion doctor killing in the 90’s.


  2. Obama will white wash the Moslems every time.

    I am sorry about Abu Garaib for one reason and one only, it showed the break down in the chain of command, the officers should have known about the hazing and stopped it. Although some of the things they did were excellent interrogation techniques, they public humiliation of the men by women had them in the mood to talk and tell everything they knew about everything.

    A variation on this was used by US intelligence during and just after WWII, on Gestapo agent they used it on said he would have preferred that they use the physical torture he was an expert in. He said he wouldn’t have broken so fast.

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