Dutch Coptic churches threatened by al-Qaeda

I very much hope that the powers-that-won’t take this very seriously. If the attack on the Coptic church in Alexandria wasn’t enough for them, and it won’t be, and the attacks that have already happened to Churches in Europe aren’t enough, and they will be dismissed as the work of kids and vandals and petty thugs, then the published lists of Coptic targets in Canada and elsewhere should be enough. Al Qaeda is, as they say, an inch deep and a mile wide at this point. But the selective murder of soft targets is where a mile wide counts.

From RNW in The Netherlands

Three Coptic Orthodox churches in the Netherlands feature on an al-Qaeda list of possible bombing targets, say church spokespeople.

The churches in Eindhoven, Utrecht and Amsterdam are named on the website Shumukh al-Islam, along with dozens of other Coptic churches in Egypt and across Europe. The website has called for bomb attacks on the churches during the Coptic Christmas on 7 January.

The al-Qiddisin Church in the Egyptian city of Alexandria, where at least 21 people were killed in a bomb attack on Saturday, also featured on the list.

Jozef Rizkalla, the priest of the Coptic Church in Eindhoven, said “There’s nothing we can do, we can only pray and refer the matter to the police. We will go on with our celebrations.”

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  1. I think it will take several major bombing attacks in the west before the majority of the people wake up, the powers that be probably won’t wake up until the people start screaming about voting for someone else.

  2. Richard a wise man once said to me, “The most common substance in the universe is not stupidity, it’s irony” and you can take that to the bank.

    In this context it means this as I see it….

    We will constantly foil through our intel attempts to bomb us by terrorists while they grow and adapt. We will grow complacent and thin of them as incompetent as they mostly are.

    Eventually, they will score a few and they will be well funded, well trained and major ordinance.

    I suspect the vast majority of us, even us who understand the issue, may be underestimating the potential. Look at Hisb’allah and their bases in Latin America etc. When they feel the risk benefit is right, they may be able to do some real damage.

  3. The irony of course in that scenario, is that our own successes against the incompetent terrorists will create the climate in which they can win.

  4. Richard, we’ve had more than several bombing attacks in the West and have the majority woken up ??

    No……… I won’t answer that. I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

  5. Islam’s one and only foundation is the credibility and resultant authority of Mohammed. If you can undermine that credibility and turn Mohammed into a figure of ridicule and derision, then you have destroyed Islam.

    ALL of Islam derives from Mohammed and nowhere else. Even aspects of Islam that appear to derive from Christianity and Judaism are actually corrupted versions of those religions which have been twisted and perverted to suit Mohammed’s psychopathic agenda.

    There are three ways of attacking Mohammed (1) Ethical Arguments (2) Rational Arguments and (3) Undermining his leadership.

    (1) Ethical arguments are not as effective as they might at first seem.
    By our standards, Mohammed’s actions were evil. But Muslims live in a different moral universe from the rest of us, where the very definition of good and evil are determined by what Mohammed (the Perfect man) did and said. Islam aims to completely destroy the conscience and free will of the Muslim and replace it with the cloned behavior of a psychopathic megalomaniac.

    (2) Rational arguments are no better. Muslims are taught from an early age that faith is superior to reason, and that it is a sin to even question the Koran (‘Bi-la kayf’ or ‘Bi-la kaifa’, which means Mohammedan contradictions and absurdities must be accepted without asking how or why) . Apart from which, the majority of Muslims are below average intelligence due to genetic damage caused by generations of inbreeding.
    Even though the Koran is full of contradictions, Muslims are quite happy with them.

    (3) Undermining Mohammed’s leadership…

    (3a) Nobody likes to be conned, and when they find they have been conned they turn against the conman. Muslims are naturally suspicious to the extent of paranoia and much given to conspiracy theories, so if you can show Mohammed as a person who deceived his own followers (as well as deceiving the kuffars – which is OK), then you will have more seriously undermined their faith than any rational or ethical argument could.

    (3b) Nobody likes to be a laughing-stock. So if you can make Mohammed into a figure of ridicule and derision he will no longer appear to be ‘The Perfect Man’ and role model. This is why the Motoons were so effective.


  6. Eeyore I agree they are learning, but so are we, the problem is as long as we fight this as a war of shadows they have the advantage because we are almost always stuck on defense. We need to go on the offensive, and we may be but if we are we won’t hear about the successes because that would endanger the men doing the fighting.

    Shirl I said “major” attacks, not the little ones but big ones, it will take a lot of little attacks to wake up the majority of the public. Although I will admit out here in fly over country just about everyone I know is aware of the danger and wants us to be much more active in fighting the war.

  7. The World Trade Centre, the Madrid Bombing, the London and Bali bombings aren’t big?

    How many more innocent people have to die before the majority wake up?

  8. I agree with Douglas Murray. 911 was the greatest act of proselytizing the world has ever seen. The president of the US and the mayor of New York both advocate for the ground zero mosque which is a direct consequence of the 911 attacks.

  9. It will take 4 or 5 Trade Center level or above attacks before the majority of people wake up, the smaller attacks aren’t killing enough people to make then decide it is an atrocity. I hate to say it but we have been desensitized to violence on a semi-large scale. One of the problems is that the MSM and a lot of politicians want us to consider the attacks as criminal instead of war. For the first year after 9-11 we had the public constantly reminded of the attacks and the dead. After that the Dems started down playing the attacks so they could campaign for office on a peace platform. This fact is sick, sad and in my opinion criminal on their part, but it is a fact, the Dems and the left think they can gain power by down playing the attacks.

    Obama was raised a Moslem and according to some still is one so he doesn’t count as recruited, in my opinion Bloomberg was bought and paid for with contracts to companies he owns.

  10. No doubt at all the Obama is still a Muslim, many things he has done, show that very clearly.

    Anyhow, what you said about US politicians, only goes to show that they haven’t changed in 65 years, since WW2.

    Britain pleaded with the US to join the war and they wouldn’t. That’s how come Pearl Harbour was bombed. The British had broken the Japanese codes (An aussie actually) and they knew that the US was going to be attacked, but let it happen so that they would join in the fight to free Europe.

    It seems harsh now but it was a few lives in comparison to how many were saved. Though those save now face a new type of Nazism . Read further here.


    It’s like dropping the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima saved countless millions.

  11. No, it was NO criminal act and YES it was necessary.

    The Japanese PM said as much not long ago, the Japanese would have never surrendered.
    I am pretty much in full knowledge of the Japanese way of thinking and they NEVER surrender.

    That was full proof in Australia during the war, they deliberately planned a mass breakout, at the Cowra POW Camp, so the only recourse the guards would have, was to shoot them all.

    Which they did. I forget the exact number but the cemetery looks rather odd, with the D.O.D on the graves the same.

  12. Shirl Your info is both right and wrong, the operational data on the bombing was hand delivered to everyone and wasn’t in the intercepts, the fact that there was an operation slated for the first half of December was known but that was all. At least that is what I understand, and the US had broken their codes also, the “Black gang code breakers” in Hawaii were the ones who did it.

    I haven’t watched the video yet but the bombing was necessary, the Japanese that were in the Japanese government said that it was, without our bombing both cities they would never have surrendered. If you are talking about the fire bombing of cities that was necessary also, the Japanese had hundreds to thousands of small shops set up in residential neighborhoods, they were the targets of the bombs.

    And yes Shirl US politicians rarely change, with luck some of the new crop the TEA party is bringing in will be better but I am not holding my breath.

  13. The man has his facts right, the projection for the allied causalities (the invasion would have had US, Brit, Canadian and Aussie troops) were 100 million dead in seizing control of the home islands. After control was seized we would have had to fight a guerrilla war until around the mid 50s when the Japanese population numbers were so low they couldn’t continue the fight, and the Japanese culture would have been totally destroyed. I didn’t have any relatives in the primary invasion force but I did have two Uncles in Europe that were getting ready to ship over to Japan for the follow up fighting. And what Stewart ignores is the way the Japanese think, if we had done the demo drop like he says we should have the Japanese would have said we were weak and all they had to do was hold on and they could defeat us.

  14. Yes Shril it is, but with the politicians we can remove them through peaceful means (I hope) rather then having to fight a long and bloody war, we won in WWII and the Japanese culture was such that our winning forced them to change their culture and beliefs. Islam I don’t think can be changed, no matter how decisively we beat them in war they are still going to be thinking they are the superior culture. To change that culture would require conquering and occupying all Islamic nations and forcing them to accept other religions and Moslems being allowed to convert to other religions. I shudder to think at the cost of doing that, both the cost in lives and in money.

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