Tundra Tabloids covers an issue that should resonate with Canadians.

The Finnish state broadcaster YLE2 this past Tuesday (30.11.2010) aired a live broadcast of a studio discussion group on “mandatory Swedish”, a topic that flares up now and then in the Finnish media. Swedish was made the 2nd official language of Finland and its status is recognized in the Finnish constitution. In the 70?s the learning of the Swedish language was made compulsory in schools, so the language of 5% of the Finnish population was forced upon the remaining 95%, and the angst over that decision has remained ever since.

The fact remains that there exists two distinct identities in Finland, predictably, based upon the languages of both groups. Such “identity” tension will always remain between the two groups because each side will always act, in what’s deemed to be, in their own self interests. It’s a highly logical, and as I said earlier, a predictable outcome.

Now add to that mix the thought of increased mass numbers of immigrants with a plethora of languages who will be demanding their own rights to use their own languages in Finnish society. But the Finnish-Swedish speakers have a plan, a few of their number (in the live broadcast) announced their party’s intention to grab as many foreigners as possible and steer them into speaking Swedish. They made a case for the Finnish government to get involved and make it possible for immigrants to choose which language to study and to identify themselves with.

One of the Finnish-Swedish participants mentioned the fact that in the late 1800?s, Jews who were allowed to immigrate to Finland by the Russian Czar, learned Swedish, so there’s history on their side of immigrants learning Swedish and integrating into society. But what was left unmentioned, was these Jews spoke Yiddish, a dialect of German and they found it much easier to learn than the host language (at first), and that every Finnish Jew is now fluent in three languages, Finnish, Swedish and English.

It’s just in the coastal areas of Finland and in the island archipelago of Åland that Finnish-Swedes are not learning Finnish, and for the most part, have a completely different identity to that of the Finnish speakers that make up 95& of the country. So now the party of the Swedish speaking minority is actively trying to pull immigrants to its party which explains the the Swedish speaking Minister of Immingration and of Europe, Astrid Thors, actions over the last few years.

This is bound to drive an even deeper wedge between the Swedish speakers and the majority of Finnish speaking Finns. It just highlights the fact that different language groups will do whatever possible in securing their future, which creates in the end, a divided society with competing goals. Hardly a recipe for a cohesive, functioning society. The video of the event (in Finnish) is still available here, for the next 30 some days. KGS

Finn-Swedes as a percentage of the Finnish population

NOTE: If multiculturalism fails miserably to produce a joint identity with people of shared history, how in the hell is it going to work with vast numbers of immigrants coming from the Middle East?

Some Swedish-Speakers ‘Foreigners’ in Own Country

Though not always in the public eye, Finland is home to many Finns who face a linguistic barrier in many aspects of their daily life. Some of the country’s 300,000 Swedish-speakers don’t speak any Finnish at all, leading to an array of difficulties.

Within the Åland Islands, Ostrobothnia and the Turku archipelago, there are pockets where Finnish is hardly spoken and society is wholly Swedish-speaking.

In the autonomous Åland Islands, situated between Finland and Sweden, pupils are not required to study Finnish.

Felix Wrede, originally from the Åland Islands, is finishing his senior high school year in the officially bilingual city of Turku. Although his school is a Swedish one, he has realised he needs more than Swedish to get by in town.

“It’s generally possible to speak Swedish with officials, but in shops you need to speak English or Finnish,” says Wrede.

The level of Swedish-language public services has weakened in recent years. For example, in some central parts of the country, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) sends Finnish-language letters to Swedish-speaking households.

Wrede plans to begin medical studies after high school. He’ll likely study at the University of Helsinki–a bilingual institute. Although he is learning Finnish, he still prefers to patron restaurants and shops that service customers in Swedish.

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  1. Mirror image of Canada – Quebec in so many ways.

    At the moment, french speakers represent barely 18% of all Canadians. This % will decrease at a quicker speed than we know due to imposed multiculturalism ( thnks teddy & pierre – 2 lying rats) and that Quebecois want to have sex for only producing orgasms and that our elites are spineless pricks.

    When the day arrives that french speakers represent 10% of the country, there will be a revolt. Canadians will be less and less inclined to keep a stiff upper lip when “french power” in Ottawa is 25%.

    Too many jobs go to francophones. I have n0thing against francosphones. I enjoy their company and give my francophone clients a great service and I like reading french but something has got to give.

    I once called Lowell Green on cfra to speak of Bill 101 and I did not last more than 15 seconds.

    Bill 101 is not the real problem. The problem is the nationalism in Quebec which I believe is weakening.

    If Stephen Harper had a majority things could change.

    The choice of David Johnston as the GG is another sign of his fawning of Quebec. I am no fan of David Johnston. He loves saying ” Quebec and Canada” as if Quebec has already separated. SIgn of a weasel.

  2. I will also add that not being a francophone, living in Montreal in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s was not very pleasant.

    500,000 english speakers left Quebec. they took with them their brains, and money and businesses and their connections.

    This has destroyed the english speaking gene pool and chance for an english speaker to have an english speaking mate, given that the best left.

    Whats left is in general, a mediocre english speaking gene pool. I had to go elsewhere to look for a wife because few quebecoises were really interested in marrying a jew. Maybe having a jew as a boyfriend. It was not easy. It was not cheap. My own comunity has been devastated by the exodus. More than they realize.

    Traditional english speaking areas are now full of poverty or at least arrested financial and social development: verdun, lasalle, lachine, NDG, etc. Because they are no longer hired to work for the federal and especially the Quebec govt. Even corproations prefer to hire francos in their financial depts.

    Where are the politicans and our corp elites? Even the rabbis, priests and ministers are silent as they see their english speaking flock grow grey and greyer.

    I blame the wealthy english speakers in Westmount and Hampstead, Cote St Luc and Montreal West. They are educated, wealthy, travelled and were very cowardly to speak up. Even as they saw their children leaving.

    Being from Quebec, and not being a franco, I understand the power of propoganda nd the sipeness of our “leaders” who are morally bankrupt.

    BTW, Quebec is raising taxes next year. WHY? please read the above.

  3. To quote a famous radio talk show host “nations are defined by borders, language, and culture”. Anything else leads to cultural, political, and economic disparity. Many countries also suffer from outside agitation that fuels separatist movements.

  4. Quote: To quote a famous radio talk show host “nations are defined by borders, language, and culture”.

    And in the present situation they are being defined by religion (culture), race(ethnicity), and language last. This situation is an order of magnitude more explosive then the previous situation in Finland or Europe.

    Even if we were not heading to a low grade civil war, a multicultural society based on the present mix, can never have internal cohesiveness. Each segment of society is in competition with others, and politicians by their very nature and requirement, will appease one segment or the other. This leads to ill will and bitterness. It also becomes impossible for a group or individuals to sacrifice their own interest for the common good -ths leading to an end of the nation.

    Multicultural nation may just work as long as their is an abundance of goodies to go around. But once hard times come over, as they must, it will lead to increasing competition, leading to low grade civil war, and finally war itself.

    It is difficult enough for humans to live in harmony even when they share the same religion (culture), race or ethnicity and language. When they are diverse, then civil war is a virtual certainty. It is on the basis of the above shared common values that nations were formed, and in an imperfect word with imperfect humans, they work quite well.

  5. From DP11 – “Multicultural nation may just work as long as their is an abundance of goodies to go around. But once hard times come over, as they must, it will lead to increasing competition, leading to low grade civil war, and finally war itself”.

    100% correct.

    In the Canadian example, I believe that this is exactly what that sob leftist, Pierre Elliot Trudeau sought. I beleive that he wanted there to be chaos and bloodshed in Canada as there is in many countries.

    Sadly, Canadians chose him 2x over Robert Stanfield, a conservative humble man. Stanfield would never have supported the Natl Film Board and the income inclusion on capital gains at such high levels the libs brought it to ( 75%; now 50%) nor would he be a fan of murderer FIdel Castro ( ever seen theinside of a Cuban prison?).

    Miraculously, in Canada, we have never had the violence of Ireland nor of Algeria.

    But one day there will be violence and a lot of it. To believe or think that good muslims come to Canada and bad muslims go to Europe is silly.

    Vlad, remind me to donate another $50 to your site before Christmas.

  6. Infidel Guy
    I visited Canada and NZ a long time back. In all my travels around the world, I thought that both these two countries were truly blessed( Not lucky, but blessed).

    What I hear now breaks my heart. How could it be that these two countries would now be in a race to the bottom in the Western world. It may appear that France or Sweden may be heading there faster, but they didn’t have what Canada and NZ had. France or European countries also have it within them to recover, but Canada along with the US, are heading into the mire, with no turning back.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong. It will make me happy.

  7. The left has been working hard to ensure that we forget all of the lessons of history, nations that don’t have a unifying culture and language will never last. The US worked hard to ensure that we had a unifying language and culture, then in the 60s the left started tearing us apart with multiculturalism. They have been doing the same in all Western nations since they know that Marxism can’t establish a one world government while the West and nationalism/patriotism are strong.

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