Freedom of speech can not be granted. It can only be taken. Take it now.

Joint project: Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Please grab the image from this post below, and use.

Text below is from GOV:

An EDL protester was recently fined £200 for “making offensive comments about Allah” during a demonstration in Leicester. Even though police officers and the EDL were the only ones able to hear what he said, the prosecution said people were “likely to be offended” and the police were “likely to have been alarmed”. His words were considered “threatening, abusive or insulting” and likely to cause “harassment, alarm or distress”.

The convicted man said he did not think he would offend anyone.

But suppose he had intended offense? Why is that a legal issue?

Why is offending someone the sole basis for prosecution in countries that supposedly uphold civil liberties for their citizens?

Vlad Tepes and gates of vienna discussed the issue for a while and devised the following response:

This became a Vlad-Baron joint venture, with Vlad doing the video and the talking, and GOV doing the image and the spelling — a win-win for everyone.

“Allah is Mohammed’s Imaginary Friend”

We are launching a new protest campaign that aims to drive a wedge into the thin crack between leftists and the Muslims.

We’re going to do this with this image [point at it], and the slogan: “Allah is Mohammed’s Imaginary Friend”.

We aim for protesters to get arrested for having a picture that shows Mohammed talking to a giant bunny.

In fact, participants must insist on being arrested, and on being tried.

By doing this we proclaim our fundamental rights, which were not granted to us, but were always ours, and are only now being taken away by the tyranny of state power.

These rights include the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and the freedom of religion — including the right to have no religion at all.

We will go to jail for saying that Allah is imaginary.

We will say nothing about Muslims being violent.

We will say nothing insulting at all, only that their god is imaginary. If someone chooses to be insulted by this, that is his decision.

Any atheist has the right to say what we say. It is one of our fundamental freedoms.

Vlad suggests that people download the image from his site and make T-shirts for themselves and friends, for placards, signs, posters, etc.

At demonstrations, participants should chant the slogan while waving a card or sign.

And everyone should stick to the slogan, and not be sidetracked into calling Muslims “thugs” and so on, because that just supports the idea that we are evil insulting people.

Stick to message, and go to jail for saying that Allah is imaginary.

Simple, yet effective.

Even the most diehard leftists will choke hard when they are forced to condemn us as “racists”.

Muslims will be offended, of course, and that will serve as grounds for our arrest.

This will only serve to emphasize that all speech that does not agree with the Koran and the hadith and the sunna of the prophet is offensive to Muslims, and must be prohibited.

And the fact that our governments prohibit it means that they are enforcing full sharia upon everyone, not just on Muslims.

Which is a violation of our rights, the same rights that our government claims to protect when they arrest us for saying that Allah is Mohammed’s imaginary friend.

Below is the image. You can grab it from here, or download it from here:

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22 Replies to “Freedom of speech can not be granted. It can only be taken. Take it now.”

  1. As I said on Gates of Vienna this will make a brilliant civil disobedience campaign and one that will open a lot of eyes if the Brits do arrest and try people for wearing the tea shirts or carrying the placards. I congratulate Vlad and the Baron.

  2. Islam is a violent religion started by a violent man, of course his imaginary friend will have tools of violence, if he didn’t they couldn’t be friends.

  3. Lissnup: Then take out the ignorance and bigotry as you perceive it, and do it yourself in a way that you feel is morally acceptable. The point is, that we all lose if we can no longer fight for our rights. Do it however you feel is correct.

  4. Freedom of speech is followed by freedom of conscience.

    Neither is allowed in Islam.

    I hope that people living next to Muslim communities take that to heart and understand all of the implications.

    Stop Islam before it stops us.

  5. Essentially Islam is paganism but with only one god. Allah of course was the name of the head of the Arabian pantheon. Mahomet essentially took away the other gods and left Allah, whom he re-created in his own image, the image of Mahomet. Those who say Christians and Muslims are “brothers” are deluded indeed.
    What Muslims don’t understand is that Allah was the servant of Mahomet, and not vice versa. Crafty!

  6. You are right, Christianity and Islam are nothing alike, granted Mohammad stole some names and rewrote some of the stories but that doesn’t make Islam a religion based on either Judaism or Christianity. During the Crusades and up through the 19th Century this was known, that was why they were called Mohammedans instead of Moslems. Then for some reason we decided to bow to their feelings and call them Moslems rather the followers of Mohammad.

  7. 1) “….which carries a mandatory death sentence for anyone who insults Islam.”
    2) Islam tells Muslims to kill the infidels because they do not believe in the Islam religion.
    Both mean that if you insult Islam, you die. But Muslims can insult other religion and even kill those that believe in those religion. Can you see the evilness of the so called Allah?

  8. “Allah is Mohammed’s Imaginary Friend” –
    If Allah created the world, he should make his purpose right. Why let people have time to create so many other religions then only bring the Islam into the world and kill all who do not believe in the Islam religion. Mohammad created ‘Allah’ as his religion and that everyone must believe in it so that he can make treasures out of it. The Muslims must believe in every word the Quran says, even killing the infidels, who Muhammad considered his enemies because since they are not Muslims, he don’t get anything out of them, might as well kill them and take all their loot. His words are to be taught so powerfully the terrorists had been destroying people’s lives ever since Islam was founded, not just in this century alone. Why he wants so many to be Muslims? So that he can collect and earn two and a half percent of every individuals income every month, which means assuming a billion Muslims earn just $400 a month, he would collect $10 billion every month! So you see, Muhammad did it with a purpose in mind. Even before he created Islam, he was already at war with others.

  9. Why did Muhammad say all Muslim woman must wear a veil or scarf? Is it really important to Allah? How did it start? Did it start when his wife was alive? I don’t think so. I believe it started only when his wife died and he was starting to marry so many beautiful woman but those Muslim followers were looking so closely at the beauties. So he come up with the wearing of scarf thing so that the Muslim followers were not able to see their beautiful faces, but instead, they were to take it seriously as if it was really the important teachings of Allah. Think of it. Why when his wife was still alive, he didn’t have such veil law yet.

  10. Have you ever wondered why Islam encourages polygamy or man can marry upto 4 wives? Because Muhammad himself did it! When Khadijah was still alive, he didn’t mention anything on the polygamy. Why, because she’s his only one wife. But when she died, he’s able to marry many woman, even woman who were capture. So he has to come up with this law that Allah allows polygamy so that he would look like not doing anything wrong because actually Jesus told people to only have one wife and he knows it.

  11. How did Muhammad come up with the idea of creating Islam? Those Arabians were already praying to 360 idols, which Allah was one among the idols.
    Muhammad was on camel to do trading business and able to listen to people talking about Christianity. So years gone by when he finally got this idea – to create the new religion so that the Arabians would all worship his idol only, by copying most of the Christian teachings, but with some changes to suit his Arab race, because Christianity is rooted from Abraham, wife Sarah, Isaac, Moses, David, to Jesus. Whereas Islam rooted from Abraham, slave Hagar, Ishmael, to Muhammad. Though both side from same father Abraham, but they are from different mother, in fact Hagar was not even his wife but a slave. So the 2 sides are not related. But the Quran talks as if they are together. And look, Israel was the main people that God promised to Abraham because the wife Sarah was so old that it seemed impossible to bear a child. Why should God promise him a child if it’s possible to bear a child, like from the young slave Hagar? God didn’t promise Ishmael from Hagar to Abraham. But Muhammad twisted it to say Ishmael was the one God promised. And the Muslims have been going against God’s people of Israel ever since the beginning of Islam. If the 2 sides are together as I’ve mentioned earlier, why should the Muslims be attacking the Jews/ Christians, considering them as infidels?

  12. Have you ever wondered why do they have the symbol of the moon, and how they choose the time for prayer? They look at the moon. And they have strict time when you should pray, like example today evening 6.47pm, tomorrow may be 6.53pm, next day 6.49pm, etc, and they have to pray at this exact times, and 5 different times a day. During the idol worship before Islam was made, they pray to the moon for the idol Allah. To them the moon is their God.

  13. Do you know that they used to pray this sentence, “There is no God but Allah”? Doesn’t it tell you that they pray to Allah but not God, that Allah is totally not God?

  14. ESP the way I was taught in school was that Mohammad was a caravan raider and hiding out from the law when he had his revelation.

  15. Richard, you can learn a lot from the internet, especially more believable by the former Muslims of why or what made them leave Islam.

  16. JIHAD – Muslims mostly cover up the true meaning of ‘Jihad’. In books, in internet, in magazines, etc, muslims say it only means “strive, work hard and struggle to survive, to preserve Islam. That the meaning is only to have peace and stability”.
    Other Muslims in Hamas, Al’Qaeda, Osama bin Ladin, etc. as well as most non Muslims know the meaning is “Holy War”.
    Before Islam was created, they had wars, then after Islam was created, they still have wars, even more fierce.
    No other religion ever used their religion as reason to cause war and conquer other countries except Islam. All countries only had wars under the commands of their country’s kings or warriors. See –
    In a TV documentary with the title ‘Jihad’, it talks about how great Islam was, about the wars they struggled through with the ‘swords’. They show the different designs or artifacts of swords that they used. Inside the mosque, when the speaker speaks, usually he will be holding a sword.
    Now which do you think is the real meaning of ‘Jihad’ – “Strive, work hard and struggle to survive” or that it actually means “Holy War”?

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