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3 Replies to “Michael Savage comes out four squared for the E.D.L.”

  1. Let me start this post in roundabout manner.

    Back in the eighties, everyone knew about the viciousness of Saddam Hussein. Everyone, the press and governments in the West knew that he had used chemical weapons against Kurds and Iranians, and was engaged in vast amounts of butchery of humans. But the West did nothing. In fact they just bided their time.

    Then the time came, and then all of a sudden all the past barbarities of Saddam Hussein were brought out, laid out one over the other, as of they were fresh news.

    The impression given was that Saddam Hussein was another evil Hitler who was continuing his butchery at a terrifying pace, and had to be stopped ASAP.

    This is the situation at the moment. The various criminal activities- rapes, muggings and murders committed by Muslims in Britain, are being totted up. So are the terrorist activities, plans for terror, hate sermons in mosques, the demands for sharia etc etc.

    When the time is right, all of them will be brought in one big revelation, laid out over the other with no break, to justify what we have to do.

    What we have to do is so drastic, that nothing short of overwhelming evidence laid out enmasse will do.

  2. Dr Savage can be heard on http://www.850wftl.com – I love listening to Joyce Kaufman from 12 pm – 3 pm monday to friday; Savage can be heard from 6 pm to 9 PM

    THe answer is because we know that the lawyers and bailiffs and themedia will not support them. THey will be fined, sued and probably lose in court. The Anglo elites will do anything and everything to presereve their stature until they are in the ground.

    I should say elites. I could have said Jewish elites, American elites, Catholic elites, French elites, American elites or Canadian elites. But you understand.

    Recently the Vatican blamed all problems in the Middle East ( what I refer to as the Arab Muslim Jungle) on Israel. Recently a British Labor politican declared that Israel is the source ofTerorism. In Canada, Libby Davies declared that since 1948 Israel is a terror nation.

    Muslims raping Christian women, Muslims burning Churches, Muslims killing Hindus, Buddhists, Bai’hais, etc… SILENCE.

    These cowardly gang of imposed elites are killing us. I would even include in that list: George Bush Sr & Jr ( disputable), Irwin Cotler ( for saying that Omar Khadr is a child soldier yet Ahmadjidog is a threat – no difference), Bill and Hijab Hillary Clinton and Obama and Holder( nothing new here), and … Benjamin Natanyahu – he is a weasel with a bartone voice. I could list the entire US Democrat party but there is not enough space.

    I wish I could get hold of some miniuzis for my protection for the bad days to come.

    All politicans and media people are over educated weasels

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