Testimony of Dr. Wafa Sultan at the trial of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands.

Here is some stunning court testimony thanks to our never-sleeping Dutch to English translator, V.H.

The judge reads from testimony that was given by Dr. Wafa Sultan about the nature and threat of Islam to Western liberal democracy at the trial of Geert Wilders for whatever it is he is charged with. I phrase it this way because frankly, I feel he is charged with 1. Being Geert Wilders and 2. Not following the Frankfurt school party line on all things politically correct and incorrect.

In any case, this is a great couple of clips. Thanks to VH for the translation, and to The Baron over at Gates of Vienna for the formatting.

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5 Replies to “Testimony of Dr. Wafa Sultan at the trial of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands.”

  1. Thanks for publishing this. Having Sultan’s testimony read out by the judge in my opinion, added gravity to the testimony. This case will work to the detriment of those who brought it because it exposes the brutality of Islam to so many who up to now may not have been aware of it. Certainly the truth about Islam is so horrible we must be allowed to speak it.

  2. Peculiar? The Judge sitting in judgment of Islam reads the tenets of Islam ends up condemning by simply reading its tenets.

    Sort of like shooting your self in the foot with your own gun when you intended to shoot the other guy.

    I like it!!!!

  3. I just now saw this reading of Wafa’s testimony, and she burst the lid off, thanking her brave and clear thinking, straight on, she is noble and most truth-seekingly gracious and precise.

    Thank you Mrs. Wafa Sultan, forever, from all of us, infidels, apostates and disenfranchised of this world.

    thank you and Geert Wilders, and Bram Moskowizt –
    Wafa Sultan for our Infidel Queen! King Geert for King of all Infidels and apostates, FOREVER! Truth is now known. This court, collusive and slippery in cowardly dishonesty, is now humbled. Maybe they will convert to the truth, come over to the light.

  4. Yeah, right? Steve Edward – exactly so. I like it, too – NO -I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    I’m so relieved and happy. FINALLY!!! Bless their hearts.

  5. I’m a natural born swedish citizen and believes only in myself and I am a great admirer of how brave Geert Wilders is and how he seems never to lack strength in his efforts to educate in fact the western world about the huge threat islam is to civilized society and all the people in it which not are islamists by the book.

    I do wish he’ll come to at least Stockholm during 2010 and and make a try to educate dangerously political correct swedish politicans, newspapers and tv-media about that islam in the first place is nothing but a very dangerous, political system with a hidden rule-the-world-agenda aiming towards religous dictatorship by the state! We do need him badly, because the free speech and the free word is quite near termination here…

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