Video of traditional Islam

If anyone is in doubt of this interpretation of Koran and Islamic teaching, please read the Koran yourself. Also, Bernard Payeur’s most excellent book, ‘Pain, Pleasure and Prejudice, A complete layman’s guide to Koran.


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  1. This is slowly driving me insane. The proof is right there in living color, but no one I know will listen to me – they think I’ve slipped my moorings. Everyone I know stopped at the old “you can cherry-pick a few bad verses out of any religious book” roadblock, and they just won’t move past it. That little roadblock works wonders, doesn’t it?
    That woman speaking at the end of the video is an enemy agent and she just got busted on TV, why isn’t she on a plane back to Pakistan as we speak? There is some good news though. In the last six months or so, I’ve started to notice that increasing numbers of the general public are starting to wake up to the facts of Islam, and an increasing number of media are starting, just a little bit, to hold off on the old delete button when that knowledge is expressed in the comments section. But Lord, how the establishment wants it to be the other way. Well, so do I, actually, but it simply isn’t. They are gathering in their Mosques and plotting our downfall behind our backs, folks. I know that sounds delusional, but it’s the truth.
    Is this how the “war gene” works? Does our DNA command us to head into another apocalypse so we will be forced to invent new technology by mortal necessity? Will a couple of hundred-million dead be nothing more than a good pruning?

  2. The religious concentration camp called Islam coming to a mosque near you. Do tell! This brand of Islam looks quite different from the nice, polite, peaceful, Islam that the spineless, apologist, butt kissers in the MSM and the government administrations try to brainwash with. Already in France and Germany the fifth columns have become so large that they are now colonies of the coming Caliphate of Islam. When the civil government has all but lost control of large areas of the state, and can no longer keep all citizens safe and secure, the destruction of the state as we know it will follow.

  3. I like the way the narrator keeps saying it’s an “interpretation”, when the holy books of Islam and Islamic juresprudence clearly state the punishments, and what shall be done. There’s nothing to interpret, it’s all down to whether people really follow it or not.
    I suppose this Mosque is closed now, all the people deported, and their families without leave to appeal?
    What no, well bless my soul.

    This is going to end with bodies piled in the streets, the insanity of going against human nature, will we ever learn?

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