Mark Steyn on Danish TV

Mark Steyn on Danish Television

by Baron Bodissey from Gates of Vienna

“You have to have something to assimilate to… There’s a huge hole in the heart of where European identity ought to be.”

This interview is in English with Danish subtitles, but there are no English subtitles on the Danish portion:

Money quote:

“40% of French imams are on the dole”

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  1. “40 % of French Imams are on the dole” Don’t tell me that Islam is just another religious rip off. Having these bums in dirty nightshirts on the dole is France’s way of committing economic suicide. Combine that with all of the polygamists collecting billions of euros every month and one can see some of the root cause of the current financial crisis. It’s about time the French people addressed the thievery of these freeloaders and tossed them out .

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