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7 Replies to “Egyptian Cleric Sa’d Arafat: “Allah Honors Wives With Beatings””

  1. What a crock of 7th century ‘religious concentration camp’ crap, the one who needs a beating is this bum in a dirty night shirt with the dish rag on his head.

  2. The people they throw acid on are not their wives but uppity women who have become a little too independent for Islam. Islam is too much. Walk around in a mobile tent, get beaten as wife number four because you did not have sex with your hubby because you are nine years of age and do not know what is going on; and do not go out anywhere without a male guardian. Islam sure know how you honour you. When you get to heaven you can share your husband with his revirginitating babes.Allah you know how to honour the women and female children you have following you.

  3. Hello to all,

    I do not see what is the big problem with what the Shaykh has said. He is laying out the conditions and restrictions for beating the wife in case of misconduct, and that too in one specific case only. This too only after all other avenues have been exhausted by the husband, and moreover he is prohibited from injuring her through his beating. It is of note that in Islam, even in wartime the Muslim is prohibited from injuring his enemy needlessly, with say a blow to the face.

    It would be best if those who are commenting with baseless remarks review what their objections are with the proper Islamic sources. This Shaykh is already giving a good introduction to this topic, but all the Islamic sources about the issue of “wife beating” will attest to the same general guidelines.

  4. Defending Islam? If this medieval point of view is mainstream Islam, there is no defense for Islam. These clueless clerics need to wake up – it’s the 21st century, guys! There’s no time machine to save you. The world has outgrown you; give it up and grow up.

  5. Larry:
    From what reading I have done, that is more or less what leaders in Mohamed’s own time said to him and his followers. In fact the 7th century was a lot more enlightened than we give it credit for. It was Mohamed who brought the Arab world to a state of tribal barbarism. The month of Ramadan was originally a time when trade was encouraged, people would refrain from carrying weapons and all agreed to a month long truce in tribal battles for the sake of trade and mutual prosperity. The Arabian peninsula was Christian, Jewish and Animist with general advancement and cooperation being the norm.

    Mohamed is a classic example of game theory. He lost all his battles until he abandoned all of the rules of civility of his day, attacking caravans on sacred days, using weapons and methods generally outlawed. Competition as opposed to cooperation. Much like Muslims do to this very day.

  6. Years ago I thought the western abhorrance of Islam was pure hype, based upon ignorance. Since then I have learned my error. The three sources of authority in Islam are: the Qu’ran; Muhammad himself as reflected in the Sunna (sira and ahadith collections); and sharia law. I have read two translations of the Qu’ran (Pickthall and Yusuf Ali), one sira (Ibn Hisham), a few thousand ahadith and hundreds of sharia laws. I’ve also read the history of the various Muslim conquests.

    From my studies I can truthfully say that there is simply nothing original of value in this creed. Worse, the good non-original material, which was borrowed wholesale from Judaism and Christianity, has been negated by the doctrine of abrogation. Genuine Islam is cruel, violent, brutal, irrational, illogical, unjust, intolerant, unspiritual, dishonest, and openly, resolutely imperialistic. Its tenets are antithetical to all that western society holds to be true and non-negotiable. Genuine Islam stifles free speech, critical thought, cultural diversity, and human creativity. This cult has produced no cultural or technological innovations of its own; it has simply conquered more developed societies and claimed their accomplishments as its own. It is a curse to humanity, not a blessing. Muhammad was not a “beautiful example”, but rather one of the greatest monsters in history. He was quite simply a psychopath. Anyone who chooses to emulate his unspeakable actions is a criminal, and has parted company with the human race.

    The problem for modern Muslim apologists and their sympathizers is not that westerners are ignorant of Islam, oh no. The difficulty the spin-doctors are having peddling their lies is that more and more non-Muslims are becoming educated about the sick truth of Islam. When your listeners are poor and illiterate and unfamiliar with critical thought (like most Muslims in the developing world)you can easily feed them a load of bull. When they are literate and brought up in an atmosphere free inquiry, spin-doctoring becomes more difficult. Thanks to the internet, factual information on this heinous cult is fairly easy to obtain. I therefore predict that Islam’s days as a world “religion” are numbered. Alas, as with the death throes of a mighty predator, Islam’s demise will likely be violent, and will probably injure many innocent bystanders. I fear for my kids and grandkids.

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