Victory Mosque declines generous offer to move it farther from GZ

In case anyone on planet earth does not think this is a provocation, its worth noting that this area is pretty much strictly a business area, and very few people actually live there. So there is not a lot of bars or churches and so on in the area. There has already been an admission that it has to draw its people from outside the area so this facility, should it be built, is not serving any actual need by any community at all.

Just thought I would point that out. Thanks Sherri for sending me this link from FOX

Offer Rejected to Move Mosque Away From Ground Zero to ‘State Property’

Gov. David Paterson has offered state help if the developers of a proposed mosque near ground zero agree to move the project farther away from the site of the Sept. 11 attack (AP).

The developers of the so-called Ground Zero mosque rejected New York Gov. David Paterson’s offer to provide state property if the project is moved farther away from where the twin towers once stood.

In an effort to appease disputing parties, Paterson had said Tuesday that he would provide state help to the group sponsoring the Cordoba House if the developers opt to move it elsewhere.

“Frankly, if the sponsors were looking for property anywhere at a distance that would be such that it would accommodate a better feeling among the people who are frustrated, I would look into trying to provide them with the state property they would need,” Paterson said.

While Paterson has “no objection” to the mosque being built a few blocks away from Ground Zero, he said he’s “very sensitive to the desire of those who are adamant against it to see something else worked out.”

But Paterson said Wednesday that the developers told his office they weren’t interested in moving.

“I think they would like to stay where they are, and I certainly respect that and I certainly respect them,” Paterson said. “Having said that, how much more foresighted would it have been if the imam who is the developer of the project had been willing to hear what we are actually talking about?”

The building of the $100 million Islamic center and mosque has led to a firestorm of criticism over its proposed location – just a few blocks away from the site of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks by Islamic terrorists that left nearly 3,000 dead.

A handful of Republicans, like former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Arizona Sen. John McCain and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, have blasted the project’s location, while others, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, have forcefully defended it as a symbol of America’s religious tolerance.

Religious leaders from various denominations also have supported the group’s plans, arguing that critics’ attacks amount to “religious bigotry.”

“It’s simply wrong for Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin, public figures who frequently reference their Christian values, to malign all Muslims by comparing this cultural center and mosque with a radical ideology that led to the horrific attacks of 9-11,” said Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of NETWORK, a national lobbying group that advocates Catholic social justice. “We fail to honor those killed by terrorists when we betray the bedrock principle of religious freedom that has guided our democracy for centuries.”

On Wednesday, the group leading the opposition against the mosque’s planned location called the governor’s “willingness to engage this issue” a “positive development.”

“We’re pleased that he realizes the sensitive nature of this issue,” said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, adding that he supports “having other land available to the mosque” but wouldn’t want taxpayers to subsidize it.

The American Center for Law and Justice is fighting the New York City Landmarks Preservation Committee over the mosque plans — the group filed suit against the committee after it declined to grant landmark status to the proposed site. The tower could span up to 15 stories and will house a mosque, a 500-seat auditorium and a pool.

The group also is calling on the State Department to back off plans to sponsor the imam of that controversial mosque on an upcoming trip to the Middle East.

The department confirmed Tuesday that the administration is sponsoring Feisal Abdul Rauf’s trip to Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, which is described as part of a program to send Muslims abroad to educate other countries about the role of religion in the United States. Rauf made similar trips during the Bush administration. Rauf has become a controversial figure because of his refusal to acknowledge Hamas as a terrorist organization, which is how the U.S. government classifies the group.

The State Department, meanwhile, has defended Rauf and his planned visit to the Middle East.

“He is a distinguished Muslim cleric,” said State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley. “We do have a program whereby, through our Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau here at the State Department, we send people from Muslim communities here in this country around the world to help people overseas understand our society and the role of religion within our society.”

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  1. The mosque issue has become a political ‘hot potato’ and a third rail to most of the politicians in the NYC area. They are all waiting to see what the others are doing first, a lot of elected officils are trying to ‘tap dance’ around the issue, however the longer they wait to comment the more foolish they look. On the bright side NYC is a union town and a lot of building trades guys can be very troublesome and difficult at times. If you want to see solidarity just try to screw around with the NYC building trades Unions. This Crowley clown is just another apologist, buttkissing, lapdog of this sickening administration, and is doing as he is told by his masters in the administration of our ‘Dear Leader’.

  2. The Mosque should be a wake up call for everyone, unfortunately way too many will ignore it in the hopes all of the bad people will stop being bad. The entire world is at risk when the Moslems start marching in conquest, welcome to the world the left has created for us to live in.

  3. Well, Frank, if they’re going to get this thing up by 911 next year, they are going to have to get started pretty soon. I guess that’ll be the demolition guys first. This will be interesting to watch. There should be a pool on whether this Mosque goes ahead as planned. I’d put my money on it not happening. I say, on September 11, 2011, there will be no Cordoba Mosque open in Manhattan.

  4. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have the mayor on your side not to mention the president and the Justice guy. While it does seem unlikely that they can build this thing that fast, we will know their intentions if they break ground 911 this year, and they may well have it done by next.

    There are issues with unions, dock workers and other traditional inhibiter’s to building in NYC that are far less contentious than this one however.

  5. Actually, many people and many MSM talk-potatoes and many Government officials (in the US as well as in the EU/UK) are under the stagnating influence of the standard muslim mantra – “but… we are a religion of peace.” The people who believe this lie are uninformed, and because they are too dhimmi to educate themselves this death cult will ruin the west. I repeat – Death Cult.
    The islam movement is NOT a religion, it is NOT even a faith – it is a perverted, barbaric and cruel death cult that looks to manipulate and govern the lives of all in everything they do. No, it is NOT a religion, but a dangerous and barbaric cult started by a psychotic, deranged and uneducated tribal barbarian who stained and corrupted this beautiful planet 1400 years ago. This so-called prophet also was a pedophile, marrying a girl (Aisha) of 6 years old, and then “consummating” the marriage when she was nine years old. (I guess you all know how “consummating” works). Aisha had to wash the dried sperm off his robe (while he was “playing” with the young girl) before he went to prayers… barbaric and deranged.
    This barbaric and deranged lunatic also killed and slaughtered anyone who didn’t follow his cult – and this goes on today, no end. 15,700 or more DEADLY and BARBARIC acts perpetrated by muslims around the world since 9/11 – and they still whine “oh, but – it is a religion of peace.” Bullshit, unadulterated bullshit. If you try to leave islam, you are murdered – period.
    I have lived in muslim countries and seen how the people are not free, are not encouraged to live life to the full, are not encouraged to better themselves, and are forced to follow rules and social customs that are so archaic that they are actually nonsensical… no wonder that muslim countries score the lowest in the world as far as science, education, research and culture goes.
    How many muslims from muslim countries have been awarded a Nobel Prize? Very, very few – a handful at best. On the other hand, there are at least 176 Jewish winners of the Nobel Prize.
    Maybe if the Nobel committee made some changes, it would be different! “Therefore there should be prizes for innovative techniques for Sex with Goats or Camels, How to Molest female infants, the theory and practice of honor killing of wives and daughters, and the efficient slaughtering of innocent infidels and even fellow Muslims.” (http://…the_difference_between_jews_and_muslims.html)
    No, islam is NOT a religion NOR a faith, but a blight upon this beautiful planet. It HAS to be stopped, and soon – no more mosques in the western world – period.

  6. This is a disgrace and just one way the Muslims are rubbing it in our faces. It makes me sick to my stomach that such a thing should be built and especially in New York city. Please email the mayor and state governor to voice your opinion. How can the western world stand by and let such a thing happen. They are infiltrating our countries and then multiplying like rabbits. Soon they will take over our society by shear numbers and without a shot being fired. Then they will bring their beliefs and laws into our lives and once they are voted into government we will be taken over by them and we won’t be able to do anything about it.

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