Bill Whittle does the best expose of the post modernists who polute our TV Hz.

This really is stunningly good. Probably the best thing on the dropping of the two atomic weapons on the Island of Japan I have seen.  And the fact that it needed to be made is as bad as the video is good. Also the movie, ‘The Fog of War’, an interview with Robert Strange Macnamera, is also very good on this subject.

Thank you Bill Whittle and PJTV for doing this video. I felt it worth reposting now that we are a few days out from the anniversary of dropping the big one.

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  1. This fight is like trying to tow a cruise ship with a speedboat. You’d be churning away and bumping up and down and going nowhere, but after a few hours that cruise ship would start to move, one inch at a time. This Bill Whittle presentation is extremely well done and well backed up by evidence. Let us hope that reasonable people, one at a time, on hearing the truth, will start to change their thinking and stop soaking up nonsense from guys like John Stewart. It may look like nothing is happening, but that cruise ship is starting to budge.

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