John Bernard on the new ROE

Here is an article from John Bernard from whom I interviewed last week.

For those who held out hope that the ROE was going or undergo a ‘positive transformation’ under General Petraeus, you will be disappointed. This is the point where I am suppose to say; ‘I told you so’.

The truth is that there is very little satisfaction in a comment like that because in almost every case; the moment has passed. The salient points, the truths, the opportunities for change have usually passed; subtly, unnoticed and the great harm those points might have stopped, will, in this case, most certainly lead to the death of someone’s loved one; a cost of arrogance.

When the initial story broke 3 days ago, it went almost entirely unnoticed and even for those who read it, the most egregious element of the story seemed to be missed entirely and that is the highlighting of General Petraeus’s unchallenged ego. In a war that has seen a growing number of well-informed, well-educated and experienced individuals challenging the strategy and it’s ROE, there is also this relentless effort to push forward even in light of a growing body of evidence that it is a losing strategy. Even the entire spectrum of the media seems incapacitated or unwilling to accept the possibility that there seems to be a problem.

The Gulf Oil Spill, the Boy Scouts, Charlie Rangel’s broken compass, Lindsay Lohan, the cost of Mastiffs, Reality TV, Obama’s Maine vacation all seem to bear greater significance in the American psyche than does the plight of young Men and Women who have, in the taking of their oaths, pledged to lay down their lives at the whim of madmen. It just isn’t ‘sexy’ enough.

This morning I got a note from Andy Bostom, a good friend with a passion for the welfare of our troops, with what is now the official release of the good General’s assessment of the ROE and his intent. From the story: “Going several steps better, General Petraeus has reportedly expanded the ban on air strikes and artillery fire to all types of buildings, tree-lined areas and hillsides where it is difficult to distinguish who is on the ground.” The fact is, not only has he deemed the ROE as proper, he has deemed it not tight enough.

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No Fire Support; No Glasses; More ‘Chai’; No Warrior Friendly Change!

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  1. Americans are not really interested. Typical American male is more interested in surfing porn. Typical American female is more interested in painting her toenails red, and becoming a lawyer so she can sue every guy and girl tha refused her advances.

  2. When you understand that ROE is designed to kill American troops , then it makes sense. This is what Eleanor Roosevelt wanted to do with American Marines toward the end of WW2 because she didn’t think they could adjust to peacetime. The left fears our combat troops returning home, it’s as simple as that.

  3. What oldguy says makes sense; there is a reason why Eleanor Roosevelt is loved the world over; like Clinton and the US Democrats. The world loves the Dems because they weaken their country. This is why the world was so supportive of Obama and Michelle. And they have done their best to ruin their country and distance America from her allies.

    Anywhere I can read on how Eleanor Roosevelt weakened her country, as her husand did?

  4. Obama dictated these rules. He is delibertly throwing away the lives of our troops to his muslim brothers.
    where are you now that we need you?

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