Afghanistan War: Petraeus Tightens Rules of Engagement

I have received some informed comments that say that for the first time ever, the US could see some serious resistance to orders by rank and file soldiers because of the grotesque, and now even more so, rules of engagement in Afghanistan. Please click here for the article on how Petraeus has made it even harder to win, or even defend yourself, in the Afghan theatre.

For an example of how absurd the ROE were even before Petraeus, please read this interview Vlad Tepes did with John Bernard a week or so ago.

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  1. The ROE’s in Nam were bad enough, the current ones are showing that we care more about the enemy then we do our own men, what they need to do is forget political correctness and turn the military loose. The military is no more anxious for civilian causalities then any one else, but they do want the ability to 1) defend themselves and 2) win the war.

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