Terrorist daughter cured in Israeli hospital, father ambushed Israeli police.

Here is Muslim gratitude for you. From Weekly Blitz

This is a remarkable story in human terms but there is an extremely important point for understanding the Middle East embedded in it as well.

On June 14, Palestinian terrorists opened fire on a police car travelling on a road, en route from Beersheba to Jerusalem. One policeman, Yeheshua Sofer was killed. Two others were wounded. Sofer was due to be married in three months. It took a month but members of the cell were finally captured. They spoke quite freely about this attack and others they had planned for killing Israelis.

During the interrogation, one of the leaders remarked that only two weeks earlier his six-year-old daughter had been given a free operation in Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem to remove a tumor from her eye. The operation had been paid for by an Israeli organization.

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3 Replies to “Terrorist daughter cured in Israeli hospital, father ambushed Israeli police.”

  1. Each lesson is repeated until learned. A culture which teaches its children to hate is beyond hope. Eventually the West will learn this lesson.

  2. It’s No surprise to me , We are the filthy, unclean, unholy Infidels, No matter what one does for a practitioner of ‘The Religion of Peace’ they will never show any humanity or thanks, given the chance these blind zealots would kill their own mother in a hot second, if they thought it was necessary according to the perverted so-called rules of Islam.

  3. It would be stupid to expect any gratitude. The islam has found a way to make reality feel different to it’s followers. The muslims are kind of zombies, normal human feelings are taken out and al lot of dogma like rubbish is put in.

    A normal human being would be grateful when his offspring is cured, but for a muslim the well being of his children is not important. Everything is put into an other level, less important. Only the well being of the prophet of islam is important, still every muslim had to pray ten times a day for the prophet. Did nobody ever notice this? The bastard is dead! And still all muslims have to pray for him, not praying for forgiveness (of invented sins), not praying for the world or the society! No, muslims have to pray only for the blessings of the prophet of Allah, five times twice a day one prayer for the prophet. There is no room in the prayers for anything else, no place for the sick, no place for the poor and helpless.

    In this case a man had a daughter with a tumour in her eye. I guess after the operation there will be a scar. Therefor his daughter would be less easy to find a husband for, therefor the daughter would be a burden for the rest of the mans life. The humans who operated on the child thought they would help the child, but the father thinks different. Not the well-being of the daughter is the most important thing, the value of his daughter on the marriage market is the only thing that is important. Serving society as a future breeding machine is the only use for daughters. Having a daughter with a scar is only a nuisance.

    Probably the man came only to his plans after the Israeli’s cured the child, when the child had a tumour it was the will of Allah, if the child would have died it would also the will of Allah, but when the child was cured it came from the Israeli’s. The cure was not the will of Allah, and the lifelong burden of a daughter who will never get married is on the shoulders of that man.

    The Israeli’s make clever doctors, but in this case very lousy psychoanalysts.

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