Council graveyard ‘charges Muslims less for burial plots’

A council-run graveyard is selling Muslim burial plots £500 cheaper than those for non-Muslims, to the anger of local residents.

Published: 7:30AM BST 24 Jul 2010

Christian churchgoers have complained about the “discriminatory price” of burial plots in the Greenlawn Memorial Park cemetery in Warlingham, Surrey.

The cemetery – which is managed by Croydon Council – offers Muslims a graveyard plot for £2,383, but charges non-Muslims £2,927 – a hike of £544.

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If you live outside of the borough – and so don’t pay council tax in the area – Muslim burial plots cost an extra £1,361 and non-Muslim ones an extra £1,708.

The cemetery has a specially-designated area of land for Muslims, who as part of their religion only allow one body to be buried in any one plot and must be buried apart from non-Muslims and facing Mecca.

Local John Spencer, 41, said he was “disgusted” at the price difference, adding: “In death people need to be treated entirely equally.

“Money should not be an issue, especially when it is directly linked to which God you pray to.

“I think the council need to have a serious rethink on this issue because there comes a point where you just have to stand up for what you believe in and say ‘I’m not going to take this anymore.

“If Muslims needs separate areas that is fine, but they should pay exactly the same as everybody else, with no exceptions.”

A spokesman for Croydon Council said that the reason for the price difference was that Muslims only allow one person to be buried in a grave, whereas people of other religions can use the plot for more than one person.

Kevin Pilkington, the head of bereavement services at the council, said: “The difference between the plots is that the Muslim graves are only used for one burial, whereas the other graves can be used for up to three people and for cremated remains.”

He said that the price of a non-Muslim grave “decreased” with each additional person added to it, meaning that “adding a body” to the grave would only cost £886 extra.

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4 Replies to “Council graveyard ‘charges Muslims less for burial plots’”

  1. One would think that if you buried your loved ones atop each other in the same plot, you’d save space and qualify for a discount. So why do Muslims get a discount for their decision to take up more space by burying loved ones next to each other? Could it be that a woman must not be laid to rest atop a man? Hmmm. I smell another fantastical fatwa here, one that is in direct conflict with the only other major religion given any real prominence next to Islam in the west, the go green environmentalism.

  2. This policy is “existentially racist”. Can I use that expression? Sounds a little pretentious. In simple Scientific terms a ‘race’ means a different ‘taxonomic stock’ ie more than one population of a particular species that are separated (usually due to geography) and exhibit a slightly different morphology.
    Racism is a political ideology that supports discrimination against people purely on the grounds that they are from a different population and for no other reason even if there is no morphological difference between the populations eg as occurs in N.Ireland. Hence Racism is irrational and not supported by Science.
    Hitler’s racism was pseudo scientific (ie based on parentage) hence if you were a Jew that was it you could not escape the fate of being killed. Islamic racism originated at a time and place of ‘magical thinking’ ie Jews could be changed into apes and pigs. The Quran clearly discriminates against the population of the “kuffar” and is hence racist. However a kafir can alter their belief and become part of the Muslim master race. Hence the racist Ideology of Islam is existentially based.
    If non Muslims demanded their loved ones not be buried next to Muslims (which they don’t) they would be labeled racist, although that would be wrong as it is only the Islamic ideology which regards Muslims as a different race. However when Muhammadans demand the same racist rule as was implemented in apartheid South Africa ie kafirs have to be buried in separate ground from non-kafirs (the only difference being that in Islam Kafirs are turned black on judgement day) then it is accommodated.
    Of course this also proves that practicing Muslims also believe that ‘belief’ transforms them into a physically superior beings or else why else would you want to be buried in separate ground? After all belief ends at death so the existential differences will have now disappeared.
    Thanks to this we can add a new word to the Islamic lexicon of depravity “necrosupremacism” – yet another fine achievement for the “religion of peace”. Lets hope someone sues!

  3. Sharia law, like everything Muslim, creeps into a nation’s life in the most obscure and unlikely places.

    This is but one of those places.

    Britainistan is but a few steps closer to being a reality, thanks to the massive deployment this year of almost 500,000 Muslims and other immigrants who will further erode the fabric of UK society in favour of a dhimmified multicultural morass of contradictory societies, Muslim-only enclaves and those who would see democracy and western civilization fall.

    Where are Queen Elizabeth the First and Churchill when you really need them?

    More to the point, where are the sons and daughters of those who defended the UK during the summer of 1940? Did they all immigrate overseas and forget what their parents fought for?

    If I were living there, I would be a staunch supporter of the EDL and the UKIP, since they are the only people who truly see the Muslim menace for what it really is; a world-wide jihad against the western world and freedom.

    Call me paranoid, but that is the only conclusion I have come to after reading stories like this from all over the free world.

    May the west prevail and Islam fail.

    Remember the summer of 1940!

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