A dire prediction for the future

Over the top? Fear mongering? Hysterical over reaction and none of this could ever happen? Maybe. But this video is worth the time and attention. History is made of events like these and agree or disagree, it is good food for thought.

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  1. I don’t know if it will ever get that bad, but I know that that is exactly what the Imams are trying to make happen. Exactly! Just endless rioting and bombings and car burnings-like the Beirut Civil War. This is exactly what they have in mind. It’s our choice. If it happens, it is because we wanted it to happen! If a person can go crazy and commit suicide, why couldn’t a culture? Maybe that’s what we’re witnessing.

  2. This video is apocalistic, explosive, surreal, shocking, unsettling, unreal, unprecendented, disturbing, disorienting, desperate, devastating, prophetic and absolutely mind-blowing.

    And true.

    The facts speak for themselves. Muslim rape and crime is almost at epidemic levels in Norway, Sweden, France, Denmark and the Netherlands. African “immigrants” riot, steal, kill and sell drugs openly on the streets in Italy and Spain. Ethnic minorities now top Scotland Yard’s “most wanted” list. Even overly-tolerant Canada will see its white population become minorities in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal within 30 years.

    We have brought this upon oursleves by tolerating goverments that have suffocated true democracy by worshipping the false gods of multiculturalism and political correctness.

    What can we do now?

  3. Muslims will ally themselves with whomever shares a common enemy, whether real or imaginary.

    Once the dust settles and they feel that they have the upper hand, they will turn on their allies in an effort to destroy them for being un-Islamic.

    This is the true nature of hudnu and any allies of Muslim groups in the west should understand that theirs is a temporary alliance at best. This goes for all Muslim groups, since the ultimate goal of Islam is world conquest by any means necessary.

    I fear for Europe, for once Israel is under siege by her Muslim neighbours, then southern Europe will be attacked, aided by civil unrest (fitna) and terrorist attacks in the rest of Europe, which will prevent European nations from forming a unified front against the upcoming invasion of Islam.

    This in a nutshell, is the grand jihad strategy for Europe as I see it, and it doesn’t look pretty at all.

    The solution is costly, but effective: DEPORTATION of ALL Muslims back to lands where sharia law is the only law.

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