STRATFOR: Pakistan intel agency central to Mumbai attack

India: ISI Behind Mumbai Attack – Home Secretary STRATFOR
July 14, 2010
India has obtained evidence that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) directorate played a more significant role in the planning and execution of the November 2008 Mumbai attack than had previously been thought, according to Indian Home Secretary G. K. Pillai, Indian Express reported July 14. Pillai said information gathered from interrogations of David Headley, a U.S. citizen accused of helping plan the attack, indicated the ISI had planned the attack with Lashkar-e-Taiba militant Hafiz Saeed “from beginning to end.” He added that the ISI was not a peripheral player, but was controlling and coordinating the attack, and that Saeed also knew everything about the attack.

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  1. As far as I can see, Pakistan is a four-headed Hydra, the heads being the Government, the Military, the Security Service, and the Religious Fanatics. As to how these forces interact, it is hard to say, but this division gives them endless deniability. After the Mumbai attacks, the Pakistani Government responded with finger-pointing and lies and actually got away with launching an unprovoked attack against India-an almost-serious nation. What does it take to get someone to declare war on you these days? I guess crazy nations with nukes are going to be able to get away with little atrocities like this in the future, aren’t they. I mean, it will always be more convenient to just let things go rather than to get into a nuclear war with a crazy country.

  2. North Korea has sunk a South Korean corvette, the Chon An, killing over 40 sailors aboard with an unprovoked torpedo attack and I believe they also downed a S Korean military jet and the 2 pilots are still missing. So this kind of proves your point. Once a rogue nation ha nukes they can sort of do what they want.

  3. They’re both kind of Sudetenlandish, really. Do an unthinkable, but not too big thing, brace for the reaction, then when none comes, go home for tea. Carte blanche.

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