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7 Replies to “Geert Wilders in Florida?”

  1. Well, now we know what the problem is and the cause of it all, but what is the Cure, the solution??? I think we all know what the Cure is, what the next step is, but right now no one is really committed to it except for long speeches about the treat. Talk is for the weak, we need actions.

  2. Thanks for this islam-crushing site, someone awakening after a 50 years sleep would think we have returned to a full blown war of religion waged on christians so they have no other choice than to launch another crusade.

  3. The thing about Geert Wilders is that he is right in his negative assessment of the results of the multicultural immigration policies of the Netherlands, especially as they pertain to the Muslim immigration situation. Sure, one can say that the sky is green and that lions eat spinach, and maybe some people are so smart and well educated that they can sell that line for a while, but in the long run? I’d put my money on the blue sky, carnivorous lions argument. Geert is not that special. He’s just an honest guy who sat down and started reading the Koran one day. Try it. I guarantee that you’ll turn into another Geert Wilders just like that. Wham! What’s the matter? Chicken? Buck-buck-buck-buck-BOCK!

  4. WE in the US have been warned many times through the years of many dangers. But many of our spineless, apologist, butt kissing politicians are soooo afraid of the MSM and what other countries will say or do. Most of these poor excuses for elected representatives are more afraid of the so-called Muslim pressure groups than the citizens they represent. It’s all about ‘feelings’ and not common sense, most of us want the cold, hard, facts, you know,the truth, and it will be a cold day in hell if we ever get it.

  5. Hello Galafron.

    You may not have a good grasp of history, but here goes.

    The Crusades are now being seen as a way for European leaders to take the war against Islam to its very doorstep. It was a tactic used to defeat the Muslims who were attempting to conquer Europe on many fronts. The leaders of the Crusades saw the threat and while the results were nearly as bad as could be expected from having poor intelligence and even more poorly-trained troops, it was a defensive ploy.

    Christians are now the favourite whipping-boys of millions of people who choose to ignore that Islam has ALWAYS been at war with infidels and kufar. And the atrocities perpetrated by Islam’s leaders and troops in its name are far worse than anything that the colonial powers did between the 16th to the 19th centuries.

    By some estimates, over 270 million people died at the hands of Islam and thousands more die every year in terrorist attacks. These attacks are part of a millennia-old war that the founder of the cult started.

    Geert Wilders’ warning is an attempt to prevent Islam from conquering even more territory than it already has.

    It IS a war of religion, a war that the modern world has not seen before. That the religion in question is more of a total control system than a truly spiritual ideology is evident in the fact that while not all Muslims are terrorists, nearly all terrorists are Muslim. Should more territory be conquered, Islam guarantees to each and every jihadist a portion of the spoils.

    That goes far beyond merely heavenly rewards and takes jihad into the realm of piracy, thuggery and worldly empire-building.

    I hope that “galafron” understands that Geert Wilders and an increasing number of politicians in the western world are seeing that Islam and its aims for world dominance are a problem that is bigger than anything we have faced since the Cold War and WWII.

    As an ideology bent on universal supremacy, Islam is more like Nazism than anything else today and it must be stopped.

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