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5 Replies to “Oh Look! They hate Australia’s freedoms too!”

  1. Tracy (is that her name?) is direct and clear. Uthman Badar, on the other hand is evasive, obstructive and utterly pawned by this reporter. More please.
    Notable also was Uthman’s use of the phrase “let me be clear” using circular argument to make his point. Tracey wasn’t falling for any of it. That this aired on television indicates that Australia is waking from her pc slumber too.

  2. Can’t you just feel your blood pressure spiking every time that guy opens his mouth? To me, to be that good at lying, is the pinnacle of dishonour. What a path to choose, eh. But you know what? We don’t know how to fight this stuff-it’s like wrestling with an octopus.

  3. Oh that our media would ask the same kind of questions Tracy had the courage to ask! Not only did she ask hard questions, but pressed him on them till it became clear he would not answer. I want Tracy for Peter Mansbridges job.

  4. If they want Sharia Law that bad they should waste no time relocating to one of those despotic religious concentration camps outside the freedom and liberty of the ‘Infidel’ Western World. We in the west are going to keep our personal freedom and liberty weather those so-called Imams or spiritual leaders like it or not. BTW they are starting to get us pissed off.

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