NYC residents treated to the amplified call to prayer from mosque

Ok I have an idea. If the Mosque is allowed to blast its call to prayer in a crowded NYC area, then clearly should fifty or a hundred NYC residents choose to get those compressed gas powered football horns or fog sirens and so on, and stand in front of the mosque, and blast them at the same time, surely they cannot be doing anything illegal. I mean, if they are stopped its a pretty clear indication that only Muslims can disturb the peace with that superstitious caterwauling and I can’t see that going over well with anyone who has read the second amendment, and hopefully understands purpose of the second. So to my dear American friends who lives within striking distance of this mosque. Get a few friends together and head down there with the loudest damn thing you can find and lets see what freedom and rights actually mean in Obama’s America.

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  1. In order to stop Islam, you must stop the ways that its leaders intimidate others.

    Bring out your guitars and amps, boys and girls and give them a blast of “Louie Louie” while they are attempting to call believers to prayer.

    That ought to give them something to dance to…

  2. Yes! Exactly! Thats the thing to do. If they are legally allowed to do it then we are legally allowed to blast whatever message we want and we want an American one. Music is a great idea. Just please not Lady Gaga but even that is better than the Mustard call.

  3. In 2004: it’s already been done in Hamtramck, MI because, you know, it’s really no different than church bells, and it only takes a minute – what? Five times a day for five minutes is all we are asking for.

    THIS time.

    And mosque prayers – “irk” – Michigan City. Just a mild case of dhimmi irkiness, nothing to see here from the MSM.

    I was wondering how long the seething muslim masses would actually wait before shoving another adnan/creeping sharia down the throats of the PC masses, and now with Hamtramck set as a precedent, this could explode in screams of “fair-sies” from the islamic cells hiding within.

    STOP. IT. NOW.

  4. Seriously! In the Bronx? What century is this? If they really want to reach their followers why not mass SMS those who register and save the rest of us from that noise.

  5. Guys there is only one choice for music at the mosque. Two songs come to mind right away. Both by the group Queen, which carries it’s own conotations, bu tyou simply MUST play “Fat bottomed girls”, and “tie your mother down”. Nothign else will do.

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