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3 Replies to “Head of CSIS accuses some MPs of being under foreign govt. control.”

  1. Wouldn’t it be just dreamy to see one of those un-named politicians in a pale blue uniform with a food tray in his hands and a toothbrush/shiv in his back pocket. “Lights out, Jackie boy”-oh, yeah, and the guards in my fantasy have to be English, for some reason. “That’s it then! Right then, you lot! Canadian guards would start getting all reasonable, and that won’t do. And I’d like the prison to be hundreds of years old and located at the northernmost part of Scotland-no central heating there. I can picture him sitting on his prison cot writing his manifesto, trying in vain to keep his big salty tears from wetting the delicate toilet paper. What a lovely dream… Or maybe they can re-open Devil’s Island and start sending quizling politicians there from all over the world. Maybe the letter “T” branded in their foreheads for good measure. Ah, well…back to the real world where they always win and they never get caught.

  2. No surprise to me, Politicians selling out their country and citizens is nothing new. Here in the US the Saudis and other foreign interests practically own DC, through those thousands of lapdog lobbyists ,spreading cash and influence throughout the government.

  3. Love to see jack Layton in an orange jumpsuit in front of islamists with swords, laughing before they cut his head off.
    In fact, that is a video I could see again and again and again. In fact, I would love to stick Jack Layton’s severed head mounted over a cement bed, on the roof of my red car. Just thinking about it makes my day.

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